For the final, “locked down” seventh (and eighth) day/s of Pesach, a hugely talented actress presents a more persuasive way of getting people to put on their masks. Enjoy!


Abby Goldfarb stars in the video, “Maskmaker, Maskmaker”. She’s a professional actress, singer, and improviser based in New York City – a native New Yorker, in fact, born and raised in the West Village. Abby is a graduate of Emerson College’s BFA Musical Theatre Program (2013). Among her credits are Off-Broadway performances in Fiddler on the Roof and Milk and Honey.

Here are the lyrics for the song she performs.

“Matchmaker” (Fiddler On The Roof) parody in the time of Coronavirus


Maskmaker maskmaker
make me a mask
Any design
Please sew it fast
Maskermaker, maskmaker
It’s the new look
If only that’s all it took

Maskmaker, maskmaker
Cotton is fine
Just cover my face
It’s finally come time
To wear them on walks, to the store, while you drive
We don’t need N95’s

We all should
Still keep our distance
Though this mask will cover a cough
For me, well, it’s not about me
But if you are asking, I’ll try to stay tough

Maskmaker, Maskmaker
Make me a mask
Amazon’s out
Etsy’s a task
It’s been a month since we’ve married our phones
So sew me a mask
Of my own…

Since when have you ever worn a mask, CHarona? I thought you preferred sunglasses?

AND YOU have ten thousand different headbands…

Well, why not? We only have one head, why shouldn’t I want to make it look as cool as I can?

Because fashion is not important right now. So whatever the maskmaker makes you, you’ll wear it! Right? Of course, right.

Covid, oh Covid
Have I made a mask for you!
Its stretchy, it’s soft
Okay it stinks of glue
But it’s a fine size, a bright hue, true? True.
I know it might be smelly
And even if it’s hot
Put it on you STAT
Cover up your snot

CHarona, I found it!
Now you get to go outside
It’s spandex, it’s cute
Okay, no, that’s a lie
But it’s a fine mask, a bit tight, right? Right.
And no you can’t reuse it
You’ll need a new one every night
It’s only temporary
So let’s not fight.

Now let’s cover up your face
It is not a very hard task
With no touching, no parties, no steady employment
Be glad you got a MASK!

Maskmaker, maskmaker
You know that I, don’t like the outside
So please, take your time
Up to this minute
I thought that I could
Go maskless and still be good

It’s clear now
We will be covered
Unless we stay safe inside
It’s not that we were against them
It’s just that we hadn’t tried!

Maskmaker, maskmaker
We will pull through
What did you say?
I can’t hear you
It’s cause I’m wearing
My mask now, you fools
Go get a shirt
Fold it two times
This line is here
So that it rhymes
I’ve made my own mask, and it looks fine!?

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