Following a particularly stormy and rainy weekend, Israel’s Water Authority on Sunday morning reported that the Lake Kinneret water level recorded a tremendous increase over the last 72 hours, starting Thursday morning, is up by 7.5 cm, or just below 3 inches (2.952756 in.).

Since the beginning of the current rainy season, the Sea of has ​​Galilee recorded a total increase of 2.225 meters (7.299854 ft.).


According to the Water Authority, the Kineret is currently at 212.415 meters.

To reach its proper water level, the Kinneret still lacks 3.615 meters (11.86 ft.). However, it should be noted that this winter system has brought with it 20 cm of fresh snow, which were added over Shabbat to the snow level on Mount Hermon, which is currently holding at 75 cm (29.52 in.) in the lower level and 95 cm (37.4 in.) in the upper.

Come thawing season, all this water will be gushing into the lake, with a considerable increase of its already improving water level.

The Kinneret

Hanoch Shenk, the legendary surveyor of Kibbutz Merom Golan, reported that on Shabbat he measured 59 mm of rain, bring the March total rainfall so far to about 100 millimeters, of rainfall have fallen so far, and has passed the 1,000 mm mark since the beginning of the season.

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