Photo Credit: Natan Epstein

Natan Epstein shares with us how to get a gun license in Israel…


p.s. Quick question to the readers: Is this screenshot from the video the one we should have used for this post?



  1. Not accurate… He specifically states that in Israel, you do not have constitutional rights to a handgun- which is true. In Israel, a licensed firearm is a privilege, not a right. What he fails to mention, is that you NEED a legitimate reason for them to issue you a firearm. Requesting it based on home protection or working in the diamond exchange (new law as of 2011) are NOT legitimate reasons in the eyes of the Israeli government. Short of living or working in the West Bank, you will not be approved. Unless of course you were a high ranking official in the army or work in security (where army service is required).

  2. Israelis can't have Constitutional rights because its promised Constitution, in 1948, never materialized. A very good one is in back of the book Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall, by Prof. Paul Eidelberg. It appeals to secular & observant Jews.
    Israel is another example of when you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns. I can't understand how anyone could live in a country where the people have never had the opportunity to be recognized for what they want regarding existential matters, nor even be trusted to possess handguns from millions of overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims among them. How incredibly outrageous, callous, & condescending.

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