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Jordan's Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour mourns the death of Arab terrorists who killed Jews.

Israeli Ambassador to Jordan, Daniel Nevo, filed an official complaint to Jordan’ Foreign Ministry over the letter of condolence that Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour sent to the families of the terrorists from the Har Nof Massacre. Those terrorists killed 5 people in a Har Nof synagogue during prayers.

The Jordanian parliament also held a moment of silence for the Arab terrorists who were killed in their terror attack.


In addition, Nevo delivered a compilation of antisemitic cartoon that have been recently published in Jordanian media, inciting even more antisemitism.

Last week, Jewish visitors to Jordan were told by Jordanian tourist police that their Kipas are forbidden in Jordan “for their own safety” and the yarmulkes were confiscated.

For at least the past year, Jordan does not allow Jews to bring Tefillin into Jordan with them, which are worn during morning prayers.

Religious Jews have been complaining that Jordanian officials at the border crossing purposely target religious Jews for harassment.

In Israel, some people are beginning to question the value of a peace treaty with a weak, undemocratic and openly antisemitic kingdom like Jordan’s.



  1. Jordan will become less and less relevant as time goes by. The King will probably be assassinated and them all hell will break loose !!

    Israel must start rebuilding the Temple on Temple mount to show to the Muslim world that we are here to stay.

    This will be the greatest symbol of the Jewish nation and will bring the Jews of the world together as nothing else would.

    There is a cautionary notel to be considered .

    It is not a good strategic move to have all of the Jewish nation in one place with the advent of WMDS,

  2. Trans Jordan attacked Israel just after the founding in 1947/48 when Israel was a nation of surviving Holocaust Victims and the few native Jews remaining after years of persecution by Arabs. Israel could not fight back, she had no regular army, no defense budget hardly a fully functioning nation. Ergo Jordanians stole this land after it was deemed to the Jewish people by the League of Nations. There are no Jordanian/Chaldean/Coptic Christians left to stand by Israel. What can we the nation of Israel expect from cowardly arabs like this?

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