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IDF tunnel detection and demolition machines

The Hamas underground construction business continues to suffer blows as yet another tunnel, this one in Khan Yunis, has collapsed Thursday afternoon, News 0404 reported. One terrorist was killed and at least one is missing, possibly under the rubble. Khan Yunis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, is about an equal distance from either the Egyptian border to the south or Israel to the east.

Two Hamas terrorists were killed in an earlier tunnel collapse in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday night.


One week earlier, seven Hamas terrorists succumbed to a tunnel collapse in northern Gaza.

According to Ma’an, Israeli forces crossed the Gaza border east of Khan Younis on Wednesday morning, advancing 300 feet into the Strip where their bulldozers leveled land. Locals said the soldiers were destroying tunnels.

Hamas has been voicing its suspicions recently that its tunnels aren’t collapsing all by themselves and that Israel or Egypt or both are helping it along. So far this season Hamas has reported the collapse of 11 different tunnels.

Deputy Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh last month said the terror organization has launched an investigation to discover why so many tunnels have been collapsing, burying so many Hamas martyrs. Haniyeh claimed the military arm of Hamas, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, discovered underground cameras and sensors intended to expose the tunnels project and the Hamas activities therein.

Has Israel finally discovered a cure for the tunnels? It’s either that or the Hamas quality control dept. is sleeping on the job.

Hamas claims to have rebuilt many of the tunnels that were destroyed in its 2014 devastating provocation of Israel. Last week, Israel threatened to seal the border crossings to the Gaza Strip as punishment to the terror organization’s obsession with tunnel digging.

In February, Faris Atilla, Israel’s liaison coordinator for Gaza, said in a statement that “Israel knows Hamas and some contractors and dealers use the construction materials for other purposes,” suggesting they were being stolen and used for terror tunnel building.

IDF machinery inside the Gaza Strip during search for terrorist tunnels, February, 2016 (ForISRAEL2014).


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  1. I hope and pray, that the IDF is indeed able to locate and destroy the tunnels, that Hamas is taking and using the cement and steel, which is supposed to be for reconstruction, for its nefarious use is shameful, and must be stopped.

  2. Rodent infestations are generally corrected by sealing the rodents out. When the rodents can't get in, they either try to get into another dwelling, or try to tunnel in. Once the tunneling is exposed and the tunnels sealed, they'll try another point of entry, either by air or by sea, or they will simply beam themselfs in. They do this, because this is what rodents do.

  3. Its simple…..frack the whole border and watch the tunnels collapse lol. I have an idea this is what the israeli military is doing now….and rightly so. If a tunnel goes from gazza to israeli side off the border, its not being dug just for exercise. All hamas tunnels are an attack on israels sovereignty and hamas are so proud of that. What do you do withy idiots like that. I guess israel is doing that now lol. Bury them!

  4. waiting for israiel to drill holes, fill with charges and blow them. Dont find the tunnes, just simply colapse them. Not one of them is meant for any good purpose. Fracking the ground along the border on israels side is the wuickest, cheapest and best solution.

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