Photo Credit: Ofir Gendelman, PM Arab media spokesperson
PM Binyamin Netanyahu stops to inspect an outpost on Highway 443 and another at Mitzpe Adumin around the capital region, as he checks terror "hot spots" and receives briefings in the area.

One IDF soldier was lightly injured Tuesday afternoon in a hit-and-run by an Arab vehicle on Highway 443, the old Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway.

The ramming attack took place between Modiin and Jerusalem, at the entrance to Beit Ura Atachta – right next to Beit Horon, the scene of yesterday’s terror attack. 


The attacker managed to escape in the vehicle after striking the soldier in the chest.

The IDF believes it was not a terror attack, but rather criminal, as the driver wanted to avoid getting stopped at the roadblock.


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  1. Every Israel Jew needs to carry a gun and shoot to kill all terrorists.
    I just read that only 200,000 Israeli's have guns.
    This is insanity. Every single Israeli 18 and over that are Zionists should be armed.
    Netanyuhu needs to arm immediately millions of Jews in Israel.
    We have Israelis been stabbed and hacked to to death by Palestinian terrorists.

    Number 2. What is this insanity that Netanyahu puts limitations on how Israeli's with guns can respond.
    Why are Israeli's shooting Palestinian terrorists in the knees. Any Palestinian terrorist that tries to murder a Jew should be shot in the head by Israelis.

    Number 3, Lock down all Arabs in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem.
    Netanyahu refuses to close these roads to Arabs that Jews travel on like the 443 road and Route 60 in Judea and Samaria?
    Is Netanyahu worried what the EU and Obama will say.
    Lock down all Arabs in Hebron.
    How many more Israeli mothers need to be murdered in front of their children like Dafna Meir was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Hebron?

    This is a war. Arabs should have been on complete lockdown weeks ago. No driving, no leaving their own villages. Period.
    How many young Jews have to die? it is time to show no mercy and NO treatment in our hospitals for these demon terrorist, send them to Gaza… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    When will the government provide weapons for the Jewish citizens
    I predict that the Bibi inaction will lead to citizens taking matters into their own hands, i.e. turning the tables on these barbarians. The people of Israel cannot be pincushions, being stabbed and killed for no reason, without a blistering response. We must rise and liquidate these savages, and their citizens who sanction and support them. All are monsters, period.

    Great article about what Israel should do.
    'Don't Catch Them, Kill Them'
    Moshe Zar, whose son was murdered in Samaria, says IDF commanders need to relearn what 'war' means.
    By Benny Toker
    First Publish: 7/1/2015

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