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Last night 5 IDF soldiers were killed after terrorists tried to infiltrate into Nachal Oz, inside Israel.

The terrorist came in through a terror tunnel, and exited near an IDF watchtower (pillbox).


Named of of the five soldiers have been released for publication:

Sgt. Daniel Kedmi, 18;

Sgt. Barkey Ishai Shor, 21;

Sgt. Sagi Erez, 19;

Sgt. Dor Dery, 18.

Sgt. Nadav Raimond, 19.


The 5 were studying at the IDF Commander School.

Ten IDF soldiers were killed in total on Monday. The total number of dead soldiers has reached 53.

According to Or Heller of Channel 10, the terrorists popped out of a tunnel and fired an anti-tank missile at an army armored watchtower (pillbox). The soldiers in the lower part of the tower were killed.

The soldiers on top returned fire at the terrorists.

One of the terrorists tried to steal a body of one of the soldiers.

The soldiers on top killed that terrorist.


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