The following statement was released by Agudath Israel of America:

Agudath Israel of America joins Jews and civilized people the world over in anguish and agony over the news of the vicious murders of the three boys kidnapped on June 12, Naftali Fraenkel Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, Hy”d. This horrific act is, in the end, not a crime against Israel or Jews alone, but against humanity – in both senses of the word. It bespeaks the deepest and most revolting inhumanity imaginable, the seizing of innocent, idealistic young people and the casual snuffing out of their lives and futures. Hamas and its allies, which now include the Palestinian Authority, are ultimately responsible for these premeditated, heinous murders. The hatred and incitement that have characterized so much of the campaign to establish a new Arab state alongside Israel are what have yielded these young lifeless bodies, and all the death and destruction born of Arab terrorism over the years. There are those who believe that all people are, deep down, good. Hamas and its friends, along with other terrorist groups and rogue nations like Iran, give the lie to that lovely but naïve fantasy. It is our hope that the nations of the free world and their leaders fully confront that fact and comprehend its implications.



  1. the murders of three boys in cold blood is condemnable from any point of view and the launching of rockets at civilian unarmed does not lead to the peace that calls the Pope Francisco and the efforts of many countries to Israel and Palestinian lead to a real, true and lasting peace… believe in Palestine is to stop the extremists right now…

  2. People can become so utterly depraved, that they lose all semblance of humanity. No compassion, no conscience, no love, no decency, no heart or soul, and absolutely no mercy or justice. These people are bad to the bone…they are, essentially, no longer human and require execution, because they cannot be rehabilitated. They will continue to be the monsters they were raised and trained to be.

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