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A three-judge panel of the Israeli Supreme Court rejected on Monday morning the appeal by legal aid society Honenu attorneys to permit Meir Ettinger, a Jewish man who is under administrative detention without indictment or proof of wrongdoing, to attend his first-born son’s bris Monday afternoon.

Justices Solberg, Fogelman and Hayut ruled that Ettinger is too dangerous to be given a couple of hours off while accompanied by prison guards, and agreed with the Be’er Sheva District Court and the Prison Authority who invited the Ettingers to introduce their baby boy to the covenant of Abraham with God to liberate humanity from darkness — inside the prison. They were told they could celebrate in the company of 15 pre-approved guests. Said guests, the Prison Authority insisted, would have to be frisked before being allowed into the jail building.


No one said what would happen to the suspicious looking rabbi who would try to enter the correction facility armed with a highly sharpened blade.

One of Meir Ettinger’s brothers stood up after the reading of the ruling and cried at the judges: “You are trying to re-educate us, Bolsheviks!” at which point the court security guards grabbed him and shipped him off to the gulag. No, they didn’t, they just kicked him out.

The Israeli political powers that be are terrified of the ghost of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was assassinated on November 5, 1990, in New York City. In the 1984 Knesset elections, Kahane’s Kach party gained one seat, which was taken by Kahane. But the polls showed that Kach would have received anywhere from four to twelve seats in the November 1988 elections — at which point left- and right-wing parties united to brand Kahane as a racist and to ban him from the Knesset.

But the fear of the Kahane legacy has not died with the murder of the feisty leader. His son — who was murdered with his wife, while five of their six children were injured by Arab terrorists in December 2000 — and his grandson, were and continue to be feared by the authorities. As a result, Meir Ettinger is being viewed by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, and consequently by the security apparatus and the courts as a magical, almost messianic figure, a unicorn of rightwing mystique capable of galvanizing organized resistance among the younger settlers of Judea and Samaria.

When the court ruled Monday that Kahane’s grandson is too dangerous to attend the bris they meant that once those extremists with their long side curls and huge yarmulkes get a glimpse of him, they’ll take up arms and march on Jerusalem — or something to that effect.

The most dangerous creature in a democracy is a frightened judge. And Israel’s current Supreme Court, which is already feeling plenty challenged by a rightwing Justice Minister who isn’t buying their hunger for extra-parliamentary legislation, will likely keep poor Meir Ettinger in administrative detention until his son is old enough to be arrested on fabricated charges.


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  1. Good article except for the last paragraph, which denies the authenticity of Meir Ettinger's teachings, and our own emunah, as we know that Moshiach is on the doorstep and soon this erev rav, bolshevik, G-d hating occupying force lauding over us will be removed in a cloud of smoke! Also, I would argue there is no one in the knesset who is right wing, all of them are imposters. In fact, we are in the hand of imposters across the spectrum, from religious leaders to political leaders. We are bereft, with no one but our Father Above to whom to turn. He will strengthen us and we must strengthen ourselves and we must send strength to Meir Ettinger, who will, I am certain, prevail over this darkness, as will we all will and we will stand together, minus all the so-called religious and political leaders, to watch the crowning of King Moshiach!! It will happen very soon. They think they can delay it by stifling our voices, but they are fools. FOOLS! The zechut of all those who refused to go quietly into the slaughter will carry us forward and stand by our side.

  2. The govt and justice systems' iniquities are FULL. Full and overflowing with contempt for authentic Judaism and the threat that our king will put an end to them and their horrific and ironic joke of presiding over a Jewish state. I wish them nothing but the burn in Gehinnom they can look forward to.

  3. Israel is not a Jewish state. Natanyahu is kneeling and asking Abbasss, the master terrorist, the opportunist stealing G-d;s given real estate to Jews, to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Where are we groing? Who the heck is in charge? The thieves or the Jews? As for keeping under lock a father not allowing him the simha on the birth of his son, only inhuman judges (Arabs?) are capable of such atrocities. Now who is the terrorist the father or the judge(s)?

  4. Too dangerous!?! How can someone who has not been charged with a crime be too dangerous? Not only has he not been charged, no crime has been alleged. His only crime seems to be not agreeing with the orthodoxy of the Left while agreeing with Jewish orthodoxy.

  5. Just keep poking G-d in the face, you idiots. Just keep doing it. Eventually the rest of us will tear the self-imposed blindness from our eyes and stand erect, facing our destiny. As in times past, you will be swept away as fleeting chaff and dust. Let us hope that day is soon.

  6. this is so cruel and pointless. the heartless government turned Meir into even a bigger hero. if they had been "mench" and let him attend his son's brit with a guard or electronic tracking device the would have done compassionate justice. they only besmirched themselves. May Netzach binyamin grow to be a lover of Torah, Am yisrael and Midinat Yisrael.

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