Photo Credit: IDF
IDF Caterpillar D9 leveling land

Yet another tunnel has collapsed on Sunday evening in the Gaza Strip near the Egyptian border, Arab media reported. At least five terrorists were killed and there are injuries. There may be others still trapped underground.

Earlier on Sunday, the Ma’an news agency reported that Six Israeli bulldozers escorted by Israeli military vehicles made an incursion into the Shujaiya suburb in eastern Gaza City to level lands. The bulldozers entered the border area, crossing several yards inside the northern Gaza Strip after setting out from the Nahal Oz Israeli military station. The bulldozers razed a large tract of land, eyewitnesses told Ma’an.


Israeli forces have also been making daily incursions into the al-Nahda area of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip over the last five days, leveling lands. Israel maintains a security buffer zone along Gaza’s land and sea border and frequently levels land inside and close to this zone.

Israeli forces made at least 56 military incursions into the Gaza Strip last year, according to documentation by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


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