Photo Credit: Elron Zavtani / Tazpit News Agency

Dozens of Arab rioters attacked Jewish owned buildings in Jerusalem’s Old City. Among the buildings attacked were “Beit HaEmet”, “Beit Yuri” and “Beit HaTzalam” which are located in what is now the Muslim Quarter.

Until late last night, Arabs in the Old City threw stones, firebombs, and launched fireworks at the apartments.


Jewish residents in those areas where the Arab were going wild were told to stay indoors and away from the windows.

Residents of “Beit Hatzalam” told Tazpit News Agency they were surprised by the attack, as Arabs have hardly ever attacked their building.

Police and Border Police actively dispersed the rioters, including with the use of anti-riot weapons, which is unusual inside the Old City.

No injuries or damage was reported at the time to any Jews or Jewish property at the time this report was filed at 12:46am.

Three Arab rioters have been arrested.

Before 1948, much of what is today the Muslim Quarter used to be the Jewish Quarter, until the Jewish residents were forced out when the Arab states attacked the fledgling state of Israel. On some of the doorposts in the Muslim Quarter, one can still see where the Mezuzas were embedded in the doorposts.



  1. You have to fight back these people are barbarians, murderers and animals they have no empathy for anyone not even their own children. When you have to take the fight to them don’t forget to win against this type of people you have to fight like they do. No qualms.

  2. they should all be arrested and deported. England sounds like a good place. Lethal force should be used if necessary. Anybody who supports terrorism should be treated like a terrorist. If you cannot live in peace with the children of Israel in the Land of Israel, then you must leave. Period

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