Photo Credit: Arnon Segel
A young man is arrested for crying on the Temple Mount - August 8, 2016.

A young Jewish man was arrested on the Temple Mount on Monday.

The young man from Be’er Sheva was visiting the Temple Mount.


When he went up, he was so overcome with emotion over the destruction of the Temple that he couldn’t stop crying, according to reporter Arnon Segel.

The Islamic Waqf agent demanded the man be removed, and the Israeli police complied and removed the young man from the Temple Mount and took down all his details – just for crying, and in case he wanted to visit the Temple Mount again in the future, so they have him on file.

Perhaps we should all feel what he feels during these 9 days towards the loss of our holiest site in Judaism.



  1. I cried, too, when I visited the mosque that was erected over The Temple Mount. This was an insult and clearly usurping our holy site. We should all realize the message sent when Muslims build mosques atop other religions’ holy places, Christian sites as well have been built over.

  2. This is just par for the course. For Leftists in general, especially those in government , religious holy sites are just an extra headach for them . That is why they gave away Joseph's tomb which happened to be at the time situated in the middle of a field. Right now it's located in the center of an Arab neighbourhood. They also wanted to give away Rochael's tomb before mass protests stopped it.

  3. It's over. Why didn't they just shoot him? Yes kill the
    Jew for crying over the TEMPLE! The madness has
    no end.Bibi please go to the UN and tell the world how
    this moronic and self effacing stupidity is par for the
    course. What happened to ANY Jewish pride?

  4. The ultimate slap. Stabbing, murderdering, inciting violence by training children to kill is acdeptable by the Muslim invaders. An Israeli person showing peaceful emotion is not !!!!!!!! This is above and beyond acceptable.

  5. Hey! He wasn't praying, only crying! Could he be arrested if he was thinking "prayer" but not uttering a sound or making a movement?? except for using a tissue?
    Jews aren't allowed to "feel" anything when they visit the Temple Mount? Look at the anger in the Islamic Waqf agent's face! Such anger over tears!

  6. Having been to the Temple Mount myself and understanding how easily the least little thing can create a major incident I am glad to see that this just resulted in an arrest and not something worse,.

    The young Jewish man's crying could easily have been interpreted as a non-verbal way of stating that Muslims should have no right to worship G-d in Jerusalem, that only Jews should be allowed on the Temple Mount because they are the most fit to Love G-d. It would be difficult for the Muslim to understand this crying, especially if it was extreme, as a Jew in mouring for the loss of his place to worship.

    If everyone was completely honest about things, there are many a religiious Jew who will make a fuss about some things in Israel that one wonders if G-d would actually make such a fuss about that same issue. There are many a religious Jew whose Chesed seems to be off kilter. Jewish unity is very lacking and even a belief if the G-d of Judaism seems almost nil among many a Jew is Israel.

    Point is there are agreements in place about the Temple Mount that have to be honored to keep some peace and for safety issues. Though it would be wonderful for the Temple to be rebuilt and Jews have full access to the Temple Mount, it is not the case right now and so these things will continue to happen. G-d in his time will work things out I am certain.

  7. Mikasa Tao ‘For behold the days are coming, says the L-rd, that I will bring back from captivity My people Israel and Judah, says the L-rd. And I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to thier fathers, and they shall possess it’. Jer 30:3 Your hatred will not succeed, it will only cause you to bring suffering upon yourself. You don’t know what you are talking about, you are ignorant of reality and don’t even know how sick with ignorance you are. The third Temple will be built in Jerusalem on Temple Mount and all the nations of the world will prayer there. People cry because they realize the pain that the whole world suffers so unnecessarily, every second it is not built.

  8. You people are the devil, killing little children daily and bathing in their blood. I wish I knew a way to destroy israhell alone . But you devil worshippers are going it all on your own. Lol I can’t wait to watch you fall.

  9. You are from Ukraine… Lmao so your a bit off on your directions… you evil Zionist scum are not related to the true Semites… proven, stop being whining babies and go back to where you really came from. Israhell is false created in 1948, from whence the plague has grown. Holohoax was a nice lie. Had me convinced for a long time… then I woke up-to your hate for Arabs… murdering pigs.

  10. Stephanie do nt mind about Americans With their new system of mariage “man to man & woman to woman’ there is no production of children , so if the devil succed in impartg this idea into most American’s Mind , In Yrs To Come Americans Will Be History ,

  11. No I am not insane. Thank you for asking.

    When I was in Israel I saw far too many so-called religious people getting too emotional over religious sites and at the same time cursing and hating their fellow man for not believing as they do about that site.

    People can become extremely emotional when it comes to their faith, but what good is that extreme emotion if it is wrongly placed. We were not there to personally witness the type of crying this man was displayiing. These emotions can then lead to violent actions or altercations.

    It could easily have benn intepreted as a form of prayer. Or it could have been interpreted as a form on non verbal communication as I stated prior. But since there are currently agreements about the types of actions and/or behaviors allowed on the Tempe Mount then those agreements have to be honored.

    What is the purpose of being so emotional and respectful of a religious site if in the process you lose site of the whole reason the site is religious? What is the point of getting so emotional about a religious site if you respect and love that site more than the G-d that is behind the site being considered a religious site in the first place?

    Maybe this is a time for the Jewish people to go OLD SCHOOL and connect to G-d in the manner of their Patriarchs. I mean did they have a Temple and a Temple Mount to have to connect to G-d? Isn't that what we should be mourning that lost connection more than any building or other religious site?

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