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The flag of ISIS.

ISIS has continued its barbarism, executing five men in Deir Ezzor, an eastern province of Syria, on Wednesday, Jan, 14.

Two men were shot for “dealing with the Nusayri [Alawite] regime,” and a third was beheaded. Then all three were crucified, and they will remain so for three days for “establishing a cell to fight IS,” according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


ISIS forces then murdered a university student who was accused of being an “informant for the Nusayri regime.” This student had already been detained on the charge of “smoking.”

A fifth man was shot to death after being accused of being an agent for the regime and for allegedly being in communication with the regime’s intelligence apparatus.


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  1. Why no word from world leaders as to the barbaric animal action??? Nothing is being even commented on concerning Boko Haram. These creatures are completely insane….incurably insane. They have an insatiable thirst for killing. They are not even people anymore.

  2. It's simple. Set up another U.S. factory for drones and missiles. Work three shifts, seven days a week. Then, deliver them, as promised.

    Apparently, we are not producing enough of them as are needed to take care of the ISIS problem. We waste money on all kinds of things. This is well worth spending the money on.

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