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Medhi Nemmouche, accused of murdering four people in the Jewish Museum in Brussels and now identified as having fought with the Islamic State terrorist organization

Belgian police have announced the arrest of “Mr. G” this past Saturday for allegedly plotting to attack the U.S. Embassy in Brussels.

The suspect was arrested by the anti-terrorist unit of the Brussels Federal Police, according to Belgian prosecutors. He was arraigned before an investigating judge on Monday morning.


“At the end of the hearing, the suspect was placed under an arrest warrant for an attempted terrorist attack and for preparing a terrorist offense,” Belgian prosecutors said in a statement. “He denies any involvement. In the interest of the investigation, no further details will be provided at this time.”

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There were no active security alerts issued by the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, according to Homeland Security Today. However, in December 2018, there was a travel advisory for Americans heading to Belgium to “exercise increased caution . . . due to terrorism.”

There have been more than a few attacks by terrorists in Belgium’s capital city over the past five years. A French-born terrorist who murdered four people in an attack with a Kalashnikov assault rifle on the Jewish Museum of Brussels in 2014 was sentenced in March of this year to life in prison in Brussels. Two of the dead were Israelis.