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The gate to an UNRWA facility in Gaza. previously reported that the booby-trapped building that killed 3 soldiers and injured 15 was an UNRWA clinic, based on reports on both Channel 1 and from an IDF source.

We have been informed by a knowledgeable source that, in fact, the building in question was not an UNRWA clinic, but a former Red Cross clinic, that hadn’t been registered as such for a few years.


The source further informed us that the IDF soldiers on site reported it back as an UNRWA clinic, after seeing an UNRWA sign on the booby-trapped building identifying it as such.

Apparently, as part of their trap, Hamas terrorists may have put an UNRWA sign on the building to deceive the IDF soldiers.

As a result, the IDF soldiers on site treated the building differently to avoid destroying what they thought was an UNRWA medical clinic, despite that it was obviously being used for terrorism.

At which point Hamas blew up the building/tunnel with the soldiers inside.

This abuse of international symbols is similar to what Hamas does when they use ambulances to transport themselves and their weapons.

Whether or not the building was an UNRWA clinic, or just marked up as one as part of the booby-trap, Hamas’s action once again endanger innocent civilians, and now, international aid workers as well.

As more information becomes available, we will continue to update you on this story.


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  1. So the Israeli soldiers would think twice before destroying it and so the world will hear “Israel destroys UNRWA clinic, with innocents still inside”. Fortunately the soldiers still didn’t hesitate and at least some news outlets do fact checking.

  2. Apparently they are well stocked with missiles, anti-tank devides, IED’s and RPG’s. However, they are a terrorist organization, not a sovereiign nation and do not consider themselves bound by any international laws pertaining to warefare. Nevertheless, they are war criminals thousands of times over. Even the Palestinian leadership has acknowledged it (in relationship to why they don’t take Israel to the ICC) they just couldn’t care less.

  3. Alisa De Ortiz your messiah moon god won’t hear you. He’s busy dating with the 72 virgins. Text him aor tweet him maybe he’s busy drinking vodka in Qatar 5 Star Hotel with Meshaal.

  4. Some day a true reporter will expose the corruption at UNWRA and how this UN funded agency is a front for Palestinian terrorism and PR leading to untold civilian deaths.. I doubt CNN or Scarborough or the mainstream media will touch the topic. Someone needs to explain why over 5 million Palestinians are kept on the dole and subsidized by UNWRA as permanent refugees in refugee camps since 1948. This agency advocates for and keeps the Palestinian claim of “right to return alive” by its actions. No wonder arms are continuously found in UNWRA schools and hospitals. Poor suffereing refugees need to force Israel to let them return and retake their land despite having voted with their feet to leave and the 600,000 Palestinians who fled were repalced by 900,000 jews expelled from Arab countries.

    And most of UNWRA’s funding comes from the US. If Republicans want to prove their pro-Israel credentiials then let them expose and defund UNWRA. What other group of people are granted permnanent refugee status by a world body?

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