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Kiryat Gat: Corner of David Hamelech and Malchei Yisrael

The terrorist who stabbed 4 people in Kiryat Gat has been caught just after 11PM on Saturday night, following a manhunt that lasted over 4 hours involving some 250 policemen.

The terrorist is a 16-year-old Arab from Hebron. He was caught with the blood covered knife on him.


He was found hiding in the backyard of a house on King David street, just 100 meters from where he committed his terror attack.

Two additional Arabs were arrested on suspicion of assisting the terrorist.

Among the victims was a 12-year-old girl.


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  1. Although King Saul was commanded by the G-d of Abraham, through His prophets, to kill all of the prior inhabitants of the land now known as Israel, King Saul did not do that. We are living with the consequences of King Saul's disobedience to G-d. Nevertheless, as the situation is now, in current times, Jews are a just people, and two wrongs do not make a right.

  2. Why didn't they kill the bastard. ?weird policy to capture them alive and feed and heal them. Even the French killed the terroists. No need to question any of them and we don't need to be a.light unto the nations.. we need to stop these terroists and death may be the only way. We are actually fools in the eyes of all nations

  3. Julius Capet punishment for a terroist is not wrong it is justice. They.come on purpose to kill they must be punished otherwise they will continue to kill and get away with it because of your foolish opinion of turning the.other cheek. That is Christian nonsense. We have an obligation if someone comes to kill you kill him first. Thus killing every terroist may prevent others from trying. Jews were not created to die. We were created to fight and survive but your theory of two.wrongs don't make a right is dangerous and extremely stupid.

  4. Forget the eyes. Castrate them all and smear them with lard. They don't fear death, but losing their maleness and eternity puts them in a class lower than women! It even creates an issue with their 72 virgins. That will sure put the fear of allah in their bones.

  5. Julius Capet…a little knowledge is frequently misleading. These animals are not those that were here during King Saul's reign. Almost all of them came from the Arabian Peninsula or Egypt during the Ottaman Empire within the last 200 years and although you are right about King Saul's shortcomings those folks are now long gone and have been for a couple of thousand years. Visit me at or better yet in Israel where we visit their history on location.

  6. BS"D When we have a TRUE Torah govt, the Torah laws will be followed. It is a crime against G-d, His commandments and His Creation to leave a terrorist alive. There is no "holding to a higher standard" when evil is not destroyed…it is the opposite of "holding to a higher standard".

  7. Dolinsky Tanya A large knife is not necessary; a three-and-a-half folding blade to the throat or heart is lethal. If the terrorist is not killed outright, as soon as it is incapacitated, deliver a fatal cut. The throat is more reliable than the heart. All Jewish children need to be taught Krav Maga and given the full military version (which includes kill moves) when they are capable. When a terrorist attacks, it has forfeited any human consideration and should receive none. It is time to create a reality where a terrorist should expect to be killed when it attacks; by civilians.

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