A Shabbat-observant Jewish woman has won a $60,000 lawsuit from a car rental company that denied her a job because she cannot work on Saturdays, the London Telegraph reported.

Labor court judges ruled in favor of Aurelie Fhima, who said the Travel Jigsaw firm refused to employ her because it demands that workers be available to work on the Jewish Day of Rest.


The court awarded her damages for lost income, personal insult and legal fees.

Fhima said the company called her after she applied for work and was told employees receive two days off every week from Monday to Saturday.

She denied the firm’s claim that she lied in her interview about her not being able to work on Saturdays.

“The company is extremely disappointed with the judgment in this case that was brought by an unsuccessful job applicant, and in the way in which the case was presented to the tribunal,” a Travel Jigsaw spokesman said.

He added, “Travel Jigsaw employs an extremely diverse workforce with colleagues representing 65 nationalities.”


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