Photo Credit: Lasse Fuss / Wikimedia Commons
British Airways A320 at Heathrow Airport, London

The captain of a British Airways flight from Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv to London shut down a flight and refused to begin departure procedures after a young man in a group of 18 British youths threatened to blow up the aircraft just before takeoff.

The group had participated in a private event in Israel and was waiting to fly back to England, according to a statement Sunday by the Israel Airports Authority.


“After they sat down in the plane, one of the members of the group said he would blow up the plane,” the IAA said in a statement. “The captain informed the airline in London and received an order to remove the group from the plane.”

All passengers were asked to disembark so the aircraft could be checked.

Security teams swept the aircraft for explosives. When no bombs were found, the flight was cleared for takeoff.

The baggage of the group was removed from the flight, and none of the members of the group were allowed to re-board.

The flight took off for London a few minutes later, with the British group still in the terminal, in accordance with the airline’s instructions.