Photo Credit: David Buimovitch/Flash90
An Iron Dome Missile launch near Ashdod, 2014.

The Obama administration stopped shipping to Israel all defense items – and not just Hellfire missiles as previously reported – for a short time in the middle of the war against Hamas, reported Israel Defense’s Amir Rappaport, the well-informed and highly credibly editor of the website.

Makor Rishon added to that report that the US actually cut off all communications with Israel’s Ministry of Defense purchasing offices in the US for days.


The Defense Ministry, now realizing it cannot always depend on the Obama administration in a time of crisis, already has decided under a “veil of secrecy,” according to Israel Defense, to manufacture a highly sensitive weapon in Israel instead of buying it from the United States.

The change in policy is a major step that would wean Israel away from dependence on the United States and which also would be a significant change in the policy of buying American-made weapons with most financial assistance from the United States.

American aid to countries, including Israel, usually is conditioned on a majority of the money being poured back into the American military-industrial complex.

“The Israeli defense establishment will reduce the production of weapon systems in the USA in the context of joint Israeli-American projects, and will rely more heavily on Israeli-made products” as a result of the punitive action taken by President Barack Obama, Rappaport wrote.

President Obama said during the war he was concerned about the high number of alleged civilian casualties from the Protect Edge counter-terrorist war in Gaza, and he was quoted as having warned that he his level of tolerance was approximately 1,000 deaths.

A final analysis of the death toll showed that most of the 2,000 who were killed in Gaza were terrorists, and a large number of the civilians who were killed acted as human shields, either by their own will or by force.

However, it was not only the death toll that concerned senior officials in the Obama, including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who was labeled as “messianic” earlier this year by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

The ministry also is examining the possibility of using Israel-made precision guided air-to-surface munition to replace Hellfire missiles, a project that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions.

The crisis with the Obama administration in the middle of the war was revealed first by The Wall Street Journal, which reported at the time that the Pentagon held up the transfer of Hellfire missiles that the IDF needed to replace weapons that had been deployed in the war.

The United States not only stopped shipping the missiles but also held up other requests for defense materials. Rappaport wrote that the “order to stop the processing of all Israeli requests came from a senior echelon – probably the White House, among other reasons, because Israel had ignored the initiatives of Secretary of State John Kerry and preferred to end the operation through a direct channel with the Egyptian.” He added that the State Dept. also had not forgotten and apparently has not forgiven Ya’alon for his “messianic” comment.

The Defense Minister, who is flying to the United States Saturday night for a five-day visit, went to extremes to paint a luvvy-duvvy picture of American-Israeli relations.

“The United States assists Israel in a variety of areas, most prominently of course in the field of security, and we must remember that and acknowledge its leaders and thank them for this,” Ya’alon said in a press release. “The respective defense establishments in both countries have a relationship whose intimacy is unprecedented in scope and importance for Israel’s security.

“There is also a close, tight relationship with my friend, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.”

He also said, “We mustn’t allow any disagreements to cast a pall over those interests and values.”


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. When will finally admit he chooses to go with his Islamic roots on Middle East decisions? The current records show it and this definitely proves it! It wrong but this is how he treats our countriesr long time friends and allies. No wonder we look like muffins to other governments now too!

  2. It’s unfortunate this happened… It’s not that Israel can’t count on the U.S. It’s that Israel can’t count on President Obama or most of his senior leadership and advisors…. But President Obama is dealing with a lot right now and so is his administration. I’m positive future Presidential administrations will be friendlier with our greatest ally and friend. Israel

  3. Israel would do well to wean itself militarily from the US. The US is a shaky reed, and is turning away from Israel by small degrees. More and more young Jews in the US have no recollection of the story of modern Israel, and buy the propaganda of the antisemitic left. Sad, but that is the way of things.

  4. Twice I ignored rumors and innuendos of an underlying anti-Semitism on the part of Barack Obama. How could a man whose politics I admired and defended be an anti-Semite? I supported and voted for him twice and I am appalled at his treatment of Israel! Choose your enemies carefully President Obama! Israel will be successful and will remember your actions!

  5. You voted, so you have a right to complain. You are probably not the only one. My dad was a huge Obama supporter, he always defended him, but lately he shakes his head in disbelief 🙁 . Obama makes me embarrassed to be an American, & THAT is sad. But he represents all of the US. But I have found there are some people around the world that are aware it’s not the US population, but the president who is screwing up.

  6. I am thrilled to hear that Israel will produce more of her ammunition rather than rely on Obuma. Obuma stated very clearly and often that he has Israel’s back, however it seems that he keeps stabbing Israel in the back. The less Israel depends on Obuma , the better off she will be.

  7. Please please stop his policies in the next presidential election. If you think Hillary will be any different then you wouldn’t have learned your lesson. But thank you, truly thank you for sharing your disappointment with the world bc the first step is always admitting your mistake. The second step is changing the behavior so to not repeat it. The spin ppl and media put on traditional, conservative thought is so far off from the truth it’s reprehensible and scary that some ppl buy into it. Please educate yourself and don’t fall for their bias again. Educate instead. It’s always been the conservatives who pushed an agenda that helped minorities move ahead, as an example. Thx again. You’ve given me hope.

  8. Believe me …. We hate the sight of both obuma’s !!
    They are jealous of the Americans ., Christians .. Jews.. They are very strung
    Tight .. Muslims .. All … Muslims have no place here with us .. Our laws are for normal people.. Not exceptable …… In any form
    But they can stay in the desert

  9. I feel the media let us down and the news papers hid it too … Make your vote count.. Learn from your mistake and go on.. Vote for 2nd amendment.. Don’t back away from voting.. Move on..
    A lot of people feel the same way .. But you are the first I seen who admitted it.. 🙂

  10. Well,i think it is time to buy a ticket and get quickly out of here,before the new Hitler shows us his teeth and claws in the internal policies towards Jews. His position is more than clear.for some strange reason , no one speaks up against his obnoxious policies and racism. So before things get worse here and we,God forbid, get trapped under the government of the mad man,let's leave. I wish and pray for the day when one of his Muslim brothers chops off his head.

  11. George Fowler [Surak] That does not sound like much of a denial to me. Are you a heretic, apostate idolater or not? If so, you are in the process of attempting to murder as many Jewish souls as the left and jihadists. If the accusation is false, say so, and tell us that Mr. Flecker libeled you.

  12. I'm sorry but there is a mistake because I landed in Israel the third day of the Yom Kippor war and US military transports were landing and dropping off supplies at the time. Nixon had not stated if he was going to resupply Israel at this time but he was.

  13. SON-OF-ISLAM obama is a self-outing ANTI ISRAEL-ANTI SEMITE. He has maltreated the US' closest ALLY, the JEWISH Homeland, since 'Day 1' in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (The White House). Congress-Senate and House is ISRAEL's loyal friend, with Republicans assuring that support. However obama, the US' Imperial President, makes up his own rules, direguards Congress ad nauseam and tramples the US Constitution, all with impunity.
    ISRAEL must depend on her own JEWISH brains and her advanced Defense Industry.

  14. I am Not Jewish but I support Israel and the IDF. I think its a shame our president Obama doesn't support Israel as an ally deserves. I also think its a shame when my country supports countries that support terrorists but will not support Israel.

  15. True friends don't let even their slower friends be useful idiots.
    But do even more than a handful of the Democrat or mainstream media useful idiots have enough integrity or sense to feel ashamed of what they have done to our country?

    It is important to remember that Hussein Obama is also a muslim. Those are his brothers in arms over there (and over here soon too). Thank a Democrat!
    Many Americans, especially hard working small business people are having challenges adjusting to life under communism and are complaining.

    When an enemy of Western civilization and communist community organizer is groomed by terrorists and then is elected to the highest office of the land by the Democrat party there will be international as well as domestic "issues" here and there. We even are seeing uprisings in the Democrat welfare ghettos where they try to keep all their black members.

    See and share and take time to thank a Democrat voter for placing a criminal, socialist, foreign born, anti-american muslim in the Whitehouse. Might want to also thank a third party vote throw awayer.

    Remember: Friends don't let friends be useful idiots.

    Bro. Winter
    See and share It is far worse than you ever imagined.

  16. Our country has f–ked all its allies ,the only true democracy is Israel in the Middle East and we want to play games. Their will never be peace in that region as nobody gets along even within their own countries. What or why do we give a about the Arabs,what good are they to this country they hate us. Look at the Israeli's they give us scientific discoveries in medicine, agriculture they took a desert and made a garden

  17. We should all pray for America. For all he has done against Israel and against us. He has brought the wrath of G-d against us by cursing the Jewish nation. The Lords Word is true. That man has no love for Israel or America and we shall not escape is we do nothing

  18. I was in Israel at during the war. You are partially correct. Some transports were arriving, but not military, except for a c-130 from Adana. They were unmarked. First time I saw a DC-10 in Israel. But the main re-supply occurred after Nixon ordered Kissinger and Schlesinger to get everything that flies in the air. His idea was in for a dime, in for a dollar. Obama is not Nixon. He is an enemy of Israel.


  20. I understand that Obama has black power break down quicker now it looses it effectiveness against our enemy as Americans…..But his friends ISIS…And so Israel would be much better off without Obama’s defense weaponry…It can’t be trusted..He can’t be trusted…

  21. Makes me mad to see what the government of America is doing to Israel. I am not ashamed to be American ,but I and ashamed of the way some of the Men and Women in the government are try to run the American government. One day the will be sorry. But as for me I am an American, and I stand and support Israel.

  22. this also happened with another Israel/Jew hating president during the Yom Kippur War. We ran out of some ammunition etc thanks to the self hating Jew Kissinger; WE NEVER LEARN AND HAVE LOST THE MEANING OF NEVER AGAIN thanks to politicians. Bibi is an American thanks to his parents but loves it as does his wife.

  23. I'm American, through and through, as such I appreciate my country's true allies.
    Treating Israel that way is shameful. And I wouldn't blame Israel if it looked to it's own means of assuring it's defense.
    That's a sad thing to say, but that's the way it'll have to be, unless we vote Obama and his stooges out of office. The sooner the better.

  24. As one who was born in the USA I love it very much, but our politicians need to be replaced starting at the top. I am so ashamed of what things this president has done to our allies, especially to Israel.

  25. The U.S Government has also been tacit about assisting the Nigerian Government with weapons in our fight against the terrorist group Boko Haram, they also blocked an arms deal between Nigeria and Israel…I don't know what Obama is, but I do not believe he cares about the war against terror.

  26. I wonder if the G-d of Israel, Who neither slumbers nor sleeps, is teaching His Chosen to depend on Him and Him alone. I fear for my country, the US, if G-d sees this treatment of Israel by 0bama as cursing her. A great number of citizens of America love, support, and pray for Israel and her people every day! May G-d continue to bless, guide, and guard you!

  27. WE must not forget what that witch Navi Pillay had tot say..
    "Israel should have shared the Iron Dome with Hamas".
    And she was judge.
    I wonder how many innocents she sent to prison.
    She is the head of one of the UN organisations.
    I think it is UNHRC.
    She should have been fired when she made that comment.
    Imagine Churchill offering Nazi Germany weapons during WW2.

  28. Unfortunately, it seems as though the terrorists are winning.
    Britain voted for a Palestinian state. They have not learned their lesson when their subways and buses were bombed by the PA/ Hamas terrorist.

    This vote will backfire on them.

    Apart from that,
    I have a question for the British parliament.

    The Royal family have visited many Arab countries.
    Charles is now in one of those countries.

    Why have they never visited Israel?
    Is it because of Arab pressure?
    Is it the oil weapon?
    Can someone please explain?
    I am sure that many thousands of British citizens are not aware of this or have never given it any thought

  29. re the YOM Kippur war.
    Until De Gaul became president of France, France was Israel's best friend. The entire Israel air force was French Mirage Jets.
    Israel had paid for all the spares and whatever.

    De Gaul blocked all the spares to Israel in the middle of the war.

    In South Africa, the president at the time, was B J Vorster who was interned as a Nazi supporter during WW2
    After WW2, Vorster became one of Israel's closest friends.

    The South African air force was entirely Mirage Jets.

    When Vorster heard what De Gaul did, he immediately flew all the spares to Israel. I am sure that Vorster actually saved the IAF and Israel.

    Obviously, the Arab countries heard about that, and have been trying to destroy Israel with all their lies about Israel.

    Israel NEVER supported the South African apartheid system. But apart from politics, Israel and South Africa were real friend.

    If anyone wants to know about the trade between Israel and South Africa at that time, they must be aware that Israel was at the very bottom of the trade

    USA, Britain, Japan, France etc were at the top.

  30. It is time for Israel to find new friends, who stand with her through thick and thin. With her brains and abilities, Israel can and should be a producer of 1st class military equipment, and not have to come, hat in hand to beg for help.

  31. Why is is "a sad thing" for Israel to "look to it's own means of assuring it's defense"? WHY? Israel isn't the 51st state. I support the first president to have the guts to understand that.

  32. I am sorry to see that Obama and Kerry are such an enemy of all of us and Israel I am a long supporter of Israel I have been there October of 2013 for my birthday and I loved Israel so much with all my heart and didn't want to come back home, as for IDF and others in Israel they need us and we need them. we need to help them fight off the terrorist but us has cut them off its a shame and I hate to see that happen Israel are wonderful people I love being a part of them and also I love to support them in every way it makes me feel good all over, and I hope that the g-d of Israel will look down and protect his people from harm, I stand with them all the way don't worry Israel I am with you and I stand with you if anyone here in America goes against me for that so be it, I will not turn my back or my face from Israel I refuse to do that I will tell them sorry I support her and will stand with her they cant break me from it. I love you Israel I hope to see you again soon if I can try to find support for me to take the trip to Israel again soon may my heart be with you daily

  33. Maybe Israel should tell Obummer that seeing that we can no longer trust USA, Israel should look to Russia as her top ally. That would put a knife in Obammer.
    If Israel were to make such a statement, then the American people would demand that Obama is impeached without fail.
    I hope it never comes to that. Most Christian Americans are Israel's best friends.

  34. Anthony Lefco : I just saw the planes as I was disembarking. I had flown in on the last TWA into Israel. Nixon was by far not Jewophile but he did respect Israel. I was never so proud as I was seeing those planers. I worked at Rambam Gov't Hospital doing surgery for the rest of the war and several weeks after.

  35. God told Abraham the father of both Israel and the Arabs, as far as Israel was concerned, " I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you." Obama, Kerry and the rest of the anti-Jews in our government don't take that warning seriously, but just take a look around at America, especialyy during this next year. We are NOT above God's judgement.

  36. Marion Rosiello Out of respect for those who feel it is demeaning to God to write out His name the way I normally would do. Just as the monks of old who were copying the Bible by hand, before there were presses, would destroy the quill they were writing with after they wrote any of God's names and make a new quill. It was an acknowledgement of God's HOLINESS. I don't try to offend people. I am sorry that mu writing God's name that way distracted from the point I was trying to make.

  37. America has turned its back on Israel especially their Muslim President this cannot be forgotten.. He is actually helping Iran with their Atomic bomb by doing nothing as all the attention is on Ebola and ISIS, this has given the Iranians all the time they need… Israel will have to take their own action if truth be said..

  38. Marion Rosiello It's a sad thing because they're being driven to it by America's present government.
    I'm all for Israel looking out for itself, I just don't like why they will have to make the choice, not that they choose to do so.
    As I said, America's one true ally in the region is Israel. Friends should look out for each other, not turn their backs.I am a friend of Israel. I always have been. I thought my country was too, but it's not acting like one now, thanks to Mr O and his cronies.

  39. Our aid to Israel should never be interrupted. Do we even make our own weapons and ammunition in the US any longer?? There was an ammunition plant in our town years ago, been closed at least 8 years. Just wondering.

  40. Thomas Frederick Schwartz: That is probably because your religion is Judaism, not Liberalism. I never understood so many Jews in the US not supporting Israel and voting for leaders who would do her harm till I heard Bernie Goldberg explain that difference. I applaud.your support, but more importantly, G-d will bless your support!

  41. Well he just gave another delivery of weapons to ISIS, which were meant for the Kurds. While he's drawing red lines, what's his red line for civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq etc.? And at least Israel wouldn't leave its ambassador without support in a terrorist-ridden country, resulting in the death of him and other Americans, and then stonewall the investigation. Obama should get off his high horse and the gold course and learn his job.

  42. Dean is a total ignorant FOOL! You are a disgusting moronic trash! Just admit it publicly, you are a gigantic jew hater full of antisemitism who will always hate jewsih people. The arabs and muslim all over the planet kill innocent civilians and want to eradicate all other religions but you want to attack the only country where Jewish people are the majority….

  43. Marion Rosiello you are genious! Geez, what a moron you are! This useless weak minded "president" is sending billions in arms and money to disgusting savages around the planet who want to destroy western civilization and Christianity but you are concern about the USA helping the ONLY real ally in the middle east…..What a little brain you have in that sick head! Once again, lefties are despicable and dangerous!!! It is the liberal soul that is full of bigotry, hatred and bitterness. Let this prove that the worse thing in life is a leftie with microphone!

  44. Doris A. Waters Thank you, but actually I'm not a religious person. For me, being a Jew is my ethnic identity. My philosophy vis-a-vis government is that it is there to serve all the people, not just the millionaires and billionaires, and that tax money is better spent on infrastructure, public education and socialized health care than it is on subsidies for petroleum companies and waging war all over the world. This is what makes me liberal, I do not feel that these views are incompatible with Israel's right to defend itself.

  45. What the H–l is wrong with Obama? the Israelis are our best friendly country in the area. We are always in partnership with them! Obama is making a tragic mistake. This feels like treason! Maybe it's not, but maybe an additional reason for IMPEACHMENT! I will never support him or his cronies. He's unbleavable stupid.

  46. The sooner Israel can distance itself from the USA, the better, especially while Barack Obama is in power. The USA seems to think it, and Obama, are the parents of Israel, punishing or rewarding as they see fit. Enough now. Israel is no-one's "child." It is a sovereign country, and the only one in the world that knows what it means to live in the midst of barbarous Arabs intent on its destruction. Now, with Islamic State in the ascendancy and affecting the west, one hopes that the condemnatory west will find out what it's like to fear murderous Islamists every single day.

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