Photo Credit: Israel Police
Israeli Police Traffic Drone

By Mara Vigevani

Israel Police will deploy drones as part of the Traffic Department’s effort to enforce traffic violations, the department said Wednesday in a statement.


The initiative is part of the ongoing battle against car accidents, which have claimed 161 people since the beginning of 2018. In 2017, 364 people were killed on the roads and 2,201 more were seriously injured.

Police said the aim of the drone enforcement will be to document moving violations with cameras positioned on the drones, providing photographic evidence to police units in the area, which will then stop and sanction the driver immediately after the offense occurs.

“The drone can see but can’t be seen; this is an important deterrence in the fight against life-threatening violations and bullying on the road,” the statement said.

The drones will be deployed nationwide, in particular over routes where serious road accidents and casualties are common.