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Moshe Feiglin - the man who aggravated Jordanian legislators to the point that they invented terms of the peace treaty with Israel.

On Wednesday, for the first time in a year, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Moshe Feiglin was allowed to go up to the Temple Mount and pray, after having been forbidden to go up to the holy site by Prime Minister Netanyahu a year ago.

The visit was done under heavy police guard.


The Waqf and Arabs on the Jewish holy site did not cause any disruptions or violence, for a change.

Moshe Feiglin said, “I see my ascension to the Temple Mount as the first step towards returning full Israeli sovereignty to the Temple Mount. The Israeli police proved that when they receive the correct orders they are able to properly fulfill them.”

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein helped mediate with the police to make Feiglin’s visit possible.

This coming Tuesday, the Knesset will be discussing the issue of Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

Feiglin hopes that the Knesset will send a clear message that Jews should be allowed to go up the Temple from any gate.

Jews are currently banned from praying on the Temple Mount, when they are allowed to even go up.

The police also routinely harass and arrest religious Jews who go up to the Temple Mount.



  1. Jordan, the Waqf, any Muslim or Palestinian objecting to Jews praying on the mount are just exercising their religious hate and intolerance. Because the mount is holy to the Jews, No one should fear the Jews will destroy or hurt the rock that is under the dome. It is the holiest place in existence for any Jew. But that is not what any of their objections are about. It is purely a way to frustrate and irritate the Jewish people. It is pure hate and intolerance.

  2. If their faith was so strong, they would not fear the prayers of anybody else. If we believe in the ultimate wisdom and authority of the Creator, surely He would not grant the wishes of heretics, right? Then again, if their faith was so strong, they wouldn't have to pray in a certain direction as if they've got the Creator locked in a box where their idol is buried. They're just hedging their bets, so in case their faith is wrong, you won't be able to prove it.

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