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The computer industry has Moore’s Law, which is an observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.

Israel now has Feiglin’s Law, which is an observation that Israel receives an increasing and massive influx of new Olim (immigrants) whenever major global geopolitical shifts occur, especially when those shifts synchronize with increased antisemitism and economic problems.


Feiglin told the Minister of Aliya and Absorption in the Knesset that that he expects a million and a half Jews to make Aliyah within the decade, as all the conditions are right for it.

Feiglin points out that throughout Zionism’s history, the demographers have been naysayers, proclaiming how few Jews will be in Israel, and even questioning if the Jews will be the majority in our own land.

In 1898 Shimon Dubnov estimated no more that 500,000 Jews will be in Israel by the year 2000. In the 1940’s Israel’s Bureau of Statistics estimated that in 2001 there would be no more than 2.3 million Jews in Israel.

In 1967, demographers actually claimed that Jews would be the minority in Israel by 1987.

Yet after the War of Independence, a million Jews arrived. In the 1970’s 300,000 Jews arrived, and after the USSR fell, another million Jews arrived.

And of course, as Feiglin points out, Jewish families still maintain very high birth rates, and not only among the religious.

As history showed, by the year 2000 Israel had over 5 million Jews, and are clearly the majority west of the Jordan river.

If Feiglin’s Law is right then we’re going to need a lot more housing in Judea and Samaria.

I just hope a good percentage of those Olim will be Americans.


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  1. Funny they seem to discourage American aliyah unless one has alot of money or is a doctor or lawyer from here…They gave more aid to Russian and Ethiopian jews than to any American jew who wanted to make aliyah..infact many were discouraged by the Jewish Agency for Israel..The govt of israel needs to revamp that Agency who discourages more then encourages anyone over 30…

  2. Most of the diaspora live in the US or Canada where there is no persecution with standards of living exceeding Israel. There are more antisemitic attacks in Israel than in the US (the direct result of a 20% Arab population).
    I do think that maybe 500,000 Jews in the next 10 years COULD come from places like Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and France with a steady trickle from North America and UK. This would be a major victory. But that would require a major commitment from Israel’s government (and more than double the current rate of aliyah). I have yet to see any evidence that this government is willing to put its money where its mouth is and make it a national priority. This government is more concerned about doing security for Belgium Jews (not their job!) than bringing them home.

  3. Susan, you are totally correct. A friend’s son made aliyah and is a lone soldier in the IDF…however, she was given a hard time when she applied….and basically told that she didn’t have enough money.

  4. It’s people like Obama which gives many Jews the motivation and encouragement to defy his notions that Israel should ABSTAIN from NATURAL GROWTH, and return to Auwshwitz ’67 borders. The LAST thing he wants is for more Jews to make Aliyah and SOLIDIFY the existence of Israel for perpetuity.

  5. if any American they discourage from making aliyah goes on like this none will make aliyah I know there is a number of americans over the years that made aliyah and they get more aid in grants then single people do that is just wrong. all people should get the same amount of grant to help them through the times and they are blocking aliyah on americans they don’t want I also notice that handicap or disabled or deaf they don’t want them on aliyah that’s wrong seriously I think something needs to be corrected and changed to make things better but anti-Semitism is rising here in America already I have heard college campuses are getting on jews and also many are getting brainwashed as well too so its rising here in usa it wont be long before jews start leaving they do hope that American surges to maximum olim to arrive into Israel very soon as America just recently turned its back on Israel and now recognizes hamas and the unity government and their terrorist activities they are doing is a violation to human rights,. so it wont be long before jews leave America due to president Obama administration and their attitude

  6. Let’s get some facts before we sling mud. Are you Jewish from your birth mother or you a convert? Did you convert to marry a Jew or did it for G-d. Once we get these facts out of the way then we can have a discussion. By the way, Jews have been wacked by the goyim for centuries so we come in all colors/shades.

  7. I do NOT know your particular situation and I am NOT going to ask you for it. We made aliyah at 60/55 with one person being disabied. The Jewish agency is NOT welfare, they realize you need a certain amount of money to live in America and here. As a matter of fact, Israelis think ALL American Jews are rich, why? Because the conversion rate is 3.45NIS to 1 USD. To live here, you have to be realistic. Whatever you make in the US is NOT what you are going to make here. Your 4 story home in the US is NOT what you are going to live here unless you can afford it. To think about it, how did your family get to America? I am sure they lived a lot harder than we do today. Stop blaming Israel/Jewish agency and do a reality check. Life is hard here or in America. Stop worrying about what the Russian and Ethiopian Jews got and start planning your aliyah. Sell off your stuff and start saving. You have do it, nobody is going to do it for you. Lastly, start saying psalms and ask G-d to help you because in the end, it is his living room you want to live. I suggest that if your mitzvot is less than your sins, come but if the other way, don;t come because you get spiritually punished twice for every sin and rewarded double for every mitzvah, spiritually speaking. Look at the Gemora in Rosh HaShanah page 17. There are two types of sinful people, I pray 6 days a week that I do NOT be those situations and ask G-d to allow me the merit to live here. Even the air is holy in Jerusalem.

  8. Look, “God Bless Israel, God Bless the JEWS.” Now I can’t be anymore plainer than that. Israel, The Jews, are the quintessential defenders against the Is.lame.ic hordes of heathens, who without their frontline defence against them, we are stuffed. The JEWS are taking on the front line role against the demonic heathens who worship the coranic book of witchcraft, written by a child sex offender nutter. Take note, the Jews go down and we all go down the shooter. All governments (Christian) of the world should be lending troups to Israel for training and tactical help and up to date weaponry against the demonic hordes if is.lame.ic infidels to protect not only the Christian motherland, but the world.

  9. Ronnie Moll at the bottom talks sense. We made Aliya from South Africa almost 25 yrs’ ago and were not permitted to bring very much money as the SA government at the time BLOCKED the funds of all emigres – but we made it in Israel. The only benefit that we got (or even applied for) was a fairly easy loan for the house mortgage which we paid off over 20 or so years. Don’t expect Israel (which has huge expenses relative to its size and population) to spoon -feed you – be adult and sensible enough to prepare oneself prior to making Aliya. Buy an apartment while still overseas – or accumulate as much as possible beforehand – rentals are not very high – one does not have to live in a fancy area. Get a trade or useful occupation – that’s more important than anything else. Don’t expect to live off the backs of overworked and overtaxed Israelis’ backs !

  10. Susan, what are you talking about. I made Aliyah 2 years ago from the US, with my 2 teen aged kids. NO ONE in Israel discouraged me. Rather EVERYONE encouraged me!

  11. Makes perfect sense what you are saying. I came to understand that the country I live in is waiting to take some of the Palestinian refugees out of Palestine but that will not happen until the law goes into effect that we can do that exactly and when. Still waiting for the go ahead. Any Palestinian refugees that are trouble makers will be sent to disciplinarian school where they will learn the laws of our land. No war, peace only.

  12. And of course Michael, Israel is requesting on an ongoing basis for other lands to donate to help off set the costs. Of course that makes perfect sense. Lots of funds coming in from Jews and Christians the world over.

  13. Bobby, we have lots of Jewish people immigrating to Canada for business purposes and buying farms, vineyards and orchards. Also, some have come with partners in wheelchairs. Where there is a will there is a way. However, how many can actually go to Israel before the borders overflow with people and the natural resources such as water will need to be replenished. We have a shortage of people in our country and what I am saying is that we need people because people are the greatest resource a nation can have. Do you recall in the Torah the mentioning by ADONAI that my people will flow over the borders (into other lands).

  14. Naes, since ADONAI created the earth and He is the landlord, you had better believe that He knows what He is doing. If all of us immigrated to Israel, then we could consider that the borders on all sides of Israel would flow over taking us all over the world. Some of us will be able to visit Israel, maybe even do some joint business ventures together. Others will remain in our present lands and help where we can. Why not spread us everywhere and then we can have special world conferences in Israel to have fun and to discuss the matters of the heart at hand. Just a thought of course.

  15. I see what you are saying Susan. I believe it is based on who applies first on certain programs. They like other countries need a certain amount of support financially too to take care of refugees and those who are poor financially but not poor in spirit. Yes, indeed all countries appreciate having those who have a strong financial background come too to keep the balance between poor and rich in place. The poor need wealth and the wealthy are given the duty right from G-D to provide for the poor in whatever way they are able to be it in funds or be it in work.

  16. Donny Reich Maybe it is your personality and how you present yourself that you were able to make a smooth crossover. Others receive differently to you usually based on past experiences of being bullied and many of those are female. You know what I speak of, I am sure you do.

  17. Ronny Mol It is like this, we need to be grateful for what we have each and everyday be it a good health, a roof over our head, food on the table. This may have been the message you were trying to deliver to some of the women who could not figure out why they couldn’t make it to Israel. Some are chosen and some are left behind. Being left behind is the way it is supposed to be. Lessons to learn for each one of us each and every day and night too. Rav Shalom. Happy in poverty, a rich kind of poverty, making ends meeting with a little left over. I thank You G_D!!! Amen…

  18. Judith Dowla , It’s not my personality – I give full credit to Nefesh B’Nefesh, who really made life easy, faciiltated the whole process, and made sure I was comfortable here in Israel. They had someone calling me every month to make sure I was ok. NBN is an INCREDIBLE organization, that is growing and adding more service all the time. Social workers, employment division education and higher education guidance. We have more help here than we had in the US!!

    The local Misrad HaKlita also has some great people to help guide you through getting settled, and are there if we need assistance in ANY issue. In fact, they called me today, just to make sure my family was doing well, 2 years after aliyah.

    When my daughter was having trouble in school, Misrad HaKlita intervened, and NBN was there to help and guide us. NBN helped me find a job. NBN helped guide my son in the to the right academic programs.

    Aliyah has NEVER been easier!

  19. Great to hear after 25 years you are still there. I am South African – not Jewish – but Christian Zionist very much involved with JA in SA for aliyah. Wish you would encourage other SA Jews to take this step. Takes some time to settle but once you are settled, you will not want to return. Definitely not in these days we are living in now.

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