Photo Credit: IDF via Ofir Gendelman, Twitter
Burning tires produce thick black smoke during Hamas-driven Gaza border riots, masking infiltration attempts, April 6 2018

Hamas has been dismantling its own border observation posts next to the Gaza border at places where the Friday violence has been taking place, according to the IDF Spokesperson, who said Sunday that Gaza’s ruling terror organization plans massive riots in at least 20 locations along the security fence this Tuesday.


A military assessment concluded that Hamas dismantled the posts in order to remove obstacles, thus making it easier to intensify violence during the riots for Nakba Day — Nakba in Arabic means “catastrophe” or “disaster” as signifies their lament over the rebirth of the State of Israel which Palestinian Authority Arabs and some Israeli Arabs as well mark each year — this Tuesday, May 15.

“Hamas’ control over the events is evident in its overt incitement to violence [and] calls to breach the fence, in its logistical organization, and control over what happens to observation positions near the perimeter fence,” the IDF said in a statement.

“The IDF has repeatedly warned Gazans not to approach the fence to serve as a tool for Hamas,” the statement added. In fact, the Israeli military has also, again — as it did during the 2014 Operation Protective Edge — dropped leaflets written in Arabic in the enclave, warning citizens to stay away from the fence because it will endanger their lives.