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Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal.

Hamas international political chief Khaled Mashaal is in Jordan for a visit until Wednesday, according to local news reports.

The Hamas terrorist head arrived this weekend after the government approved a visit with his mother, who is not well and who lives in the Hashemite Kingdom.


Mashaal has only entered Jordan twice since Hamas senior officials were deported together with Mashaal in 1999. At that time, the terror chief moved Hamas international headquarters and operations to Damascus.

From Syria, however, Mashaal was forced to flee to Quatar when the raging civil war became a threat to the safety of his office and operations.

By early 2015, the group was expelled by Doha as well, with new arrangements made for its transfer to Turkey, another supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood organization that had given rise to Hamas.

By June 2015, Israel’s defense ministry confirmed that Hamas had established its international headquarters in Istanbul, funded by Iran.


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