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The "New Middle East," according to HarperCollins.

HarperCollins is pulling its Middle East Atlas from sale in all territories, and has apologized for leaving Israel off the map, while distinctly leaving an enlarged Jordan and including Gaza.

The company said that all remaining HarperCollins Atlas’s not yet sold will be pulped.


HarperCollins initially explained that “local preferences” of the Gulf State countries took precedence over including Israel on the map, something their Arab customers found “unacceptable.”

The decision to omit Israel elicited a tremendous amount of anger online.


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  1. Right…smart (business) move. BUT the issue of why they intentionally left Israel off the map leaves a bad taste. Harper Collins should still be boycotted. This was no accident. This was complete bowing to pressure from other influences who very much with that one day (God Forbid) that map would be accurate. Their influence, and likely threats of violence were far greater than the truth. Its sad when publishers of supposedly accurate documents have to bow to pressure from other sources. If those countries wish, they can publish their own atlas that can omit Israel and include Narnia and Oz if they so wish, but it is not in the common good to publish a supposedly accurate item which does not reflect current realities. Israel (of course) belongs on the map just as much, if not moreso, than the completely fictional nation of “Palestine” does NOT!

  2. How do you apologize for such a grotesque action? Better yet, how does Harper Collins remain in business? Sacrificing accuracy and integrity to pander to the Islamic/Arab world. Perhaps their future history books for such countries will omit references to the Holocaust, since holocaust denial is a favourite in these countries. Outrageous!

  3. No matter how long you close your eyes, nothing changes fact. The idea of catering to those who would distort truth means that the company has divested itself from truth. It is a dangerous precedent, and whatever they put out in the future must be inspected closely. NEVER FORGET!

  4. Those atlases without Israel will, no doubt, become valuable collector's items when the Zionist project finally implodes and all those atlases with maps now showing the state of Israel end up being recycled or in the paper shredder.

  5. Best way to get back at them is hurt them in the pocketbook…This information and alternative map companies needs to be widely publisized and pressure on the institutions that sell the maps not to purchase and sell the alternatives

  6. Ani Stubbs Ani, its only Israel. Do you seriously think anyone will be fired over this. Its not like the world's darling Gazans were insulted. You noticed that Gaza was on the HarperCollins map, didn't you?! Its only Jews and Israel that has been wiped off the map. The company if probably run by Noam Chomsky/Anthony Arnove/Howard Zinn antisemetic self hating Jews anyway. Wake up.

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