Traffic police stopped a commercial vehicle near Afula on Wednesday and discovered two Arabs from Jenin dressed as Jews with counterfeit Israeli ID cards.

The two have been taken in for interrogation and the police plan on requesting an extension to hold them for longer.



  1. They were trying to say “dati” or “chareidi”. Its been a disproportionate part number of their targets (to the point that the gun control laws are being altered to try to get more chareidim armed, particularly in schools) and if you look at the incitement videos, its also how they costume the “Jews” they attack.

  2. many of the women will wear scarves on their heads like many of the Jewish women it is very difficult to tell the Arabs from the Jews… I am here in Jerusalem and I saw a woman I thought was a Jewish lady but she really wasn’t many of them speak Hebrew as well as Arabic but I recognize she was mixing the two together and speaking more Arabic

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