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Wedding on Temple Mount

The Temple Institute initiated an actual wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount, only the second time this has been performed in some 2000 years. The following is a press release we just received, describing the clandestine simcha.

An engaged couple recently approached Rabbi Chaim Richman, the International Director of the Temple Institute, and asked him if he would supervise their marriage on the Temple Mount. After scrupulously examining the detailed halachot (Jewish law) concerning the marriage ceremony, and consulting with other rabbinical authorities, Rabbi Richman happily accepted the task upon himself.


The couple met with Rabbi Richman early one recent morning in the Old City of Jerusalem, at the headquarters of the Temple Institute, where the blessing over wine was made, a prerequisite to the marriage ceremony. Two appointed witnesses then met the couple at the entrance to the Temple Mount. The witnesses were obligated to both hear the declaration of marriage from the lips of the groom and see him place the gold wedding band on the bride’s finger. All members of the party were instructed by Rabbi Richman that this had to be done without drawing the attention of the Israel police or the Muslim Waqf guards who would be accompanying the group of Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount. Were they to notice they would certainly arrest all the parties involved and remove them immediately from the compound.


The plan went like clockwork, and while walking along the eastern perimeter of the Temple Mount, Rabbi Richman gave a tacit signal. The two witnesses drew close to the groom, who, ring in hand, said quietly to the bride, “Behold, you are sanctified to me with this ring, in accordance with the law of Moshe and Israel,” and quickly slipped the ring on the bride’s finger. This act, known as kiddushin (sanctification) is the binding act of marriage in any Jewish wedding ceremony. The couple was now married. They later stood beneath the chuppah (marriage canopy) at a different location and heard the reading of the ketubah (marriage contract).

The Temple Institute was able to capture the entire Temple Mount wedding on video, but in accordance with the wishes of the couple, are only publicly sharing two still shots, one of the groom placing the ring on the bride’s finger, and one of the bride holding up her hand, showing the ring to the camera.

The ancient custom of brides and grooms visiting the Temple Mount (separately) on the day of their wedding has been revived in recent years, but the actual performance of the wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount is a unique act in history following the destruction of the Holy Temple 2000 years ago.

Mazal Tov to the couple and a huge Yishar Koach to Rabbi Richman and the Temple Institute.


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  1. I would like to repeat the last comment of the Author; Mazel Tov to the couple and a huge Yishar Koach to Rabbi Richman and the Temple In stititute for their courage, and I hope there will be many more! <3 "AM YISRA'EL CHAI!" <3

  2. May it be the first of MANY weddings on the Temple Mount.
    Yishar Koach to all the parties involved. And may the couples next act be the brit of their son, also on the Temple Mount.
    To repeat the words uttered in 1967 – Har Habayit Be'Yadeinu (the Temple Mount is in OUR hands).

  3. Actually this demonstrates just how crazy the situation is. The Muslims freely move about on the Har HaBayit they unfortunately occupy both observing their religion and just doing whatever they want, eating, playing soccer and organizing violence against Jews (collecting rocks and cinder blocks to throw down at Jews praying at the Kottel) but Jews, in the Jewish State must fearfully act in a clandestine manner to get married at Judaism's holiest location. When they pull it off by not being murdered by the Muslims or arrested by their own Israeli police they consider it a great success. Very crazy.

  4. How irresponsible of you to publish this at a time when Jerusalem is subjected to so much violence. The text indicates that you knew what would occur if the Waqf or the Israeli police were aware of what was happening. Do you think they will be any less angry after the fact? How dare you put the lives of residents of Jerusalem and visitors to the city at risk! Shame on you! And you parade yourselves as a religious newspaper…..Hopefully there will be no repercussions. But if there are, don't forget to bang yourselves on the chest and cry 'Al Chet!'

  5. The truth is that Jews visiting or praying on the Har HaBayit shouldn't be a provocation. It is only provocative due to the violent intolerance and lunacy of the Muslims who occupy the site. Israel's decision in 1967 to bring back the Waqf and give them control over the Har HaBayit (after they had fled like rats from a sinking ship) as a gesture of peace just hasn't worked at all. It has only emboldened the Muslims who disrespected the Jews even more for allowing them to retain control of the site. It's understandable that Israel's government wants to retain the "status qua" because they understand how volatile and violent the Muslims are. However the present situation where Jews need to be secretive about anything concerning their presence at the Har HaBayit is still wrong and crazy.

  6. Carolin Knox ..wonder what this world would be like now if the Temple Mount had stayed in our hands. Just think, maybe there would be no islamic terrorism….maybe the Moshiach would have come…but no, the leaders at that time were to timid, lacking in faith to see the possibilities and we suffer because of them.
    Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

  7. Don't you understand that this is OUR land – OUR Temple Mount? The moslems are the occupiers – they think they own it – and they don't! This sacred marriage ceremony should be a normal, regular occurance there – instead, it's relegated to a secretive, illicit "thing", that is a punishable offense. And a "provocation"? The mere fact that we Jews are alive, and living in OUR country is a "provocation" to them!! And shame on you for denying our right to this – our most sacred place – espwecially since those moslems that occupy it now pray with their behinds to the Temple Mount – and that's respect? NOT even a little bit!
    I wish the Kallah and Chassan a HUGE Mazal Tov and many, many wonderful, joyous, years together!!!

  8. It took nachshon ben aminadav to take the first heroic step, with which step am yisroel was redeemed and saved. It is most auspicious that this story is "revealed" just days before the story of the redemption from mitzrayim. I am not a zealot but I do believe that it is going to take more nachsons ben aminadav, LIKE THIS COUPLE AND ALL THOSE INVOLVED, to take the first steps into the swirling sea of lunacy wherein ARABS are the only "free" ones in our Eretz Yisroel, and yidden live in constant fear of there physical, spiritual and political lives.

  9. This is so irresponsible. First, the article does not even give adequate background to the history of the Temple mount and why Jews do not go there. This was a selfish act that can lead to so much backlash towards all Jews, and especially towards the very limited access already negotiated. I’m very dissapointed in the rabbi who officiated and the Press for promoting this in such positive light. Lee Fried

  10. “Lacks respect!?!” What about the fact that this site has absolutely NOTHING to do with Islam!?! It is and always has been a Jewish holy site. This mosque was even first built as a temple. I think it took great courage and shows piety to do this. Good for them! The mount is ours, and we need to take it back, PERIOD!

  11. Solange Silverman, there are laws set up to protect. There is a reason marriages cannot take place on the Temple Mount, whether we like it or not. If people start doing whatever they want and disregarding the IDF and government, who’s to say they are better than the Muslims you speak of?
    There were lines drawn to protect both Jews and Muslims. Should one day those lines change, by all means, I would love to get married there too. But until then, I would never put the entire country at risk because of my own selfish desire. How would Jews feel if a Muslim couple snuck into the Kotel and married there? Jews would be in an uproar. I am not saying that Jews shouldn’t have a right to be at the Temple Mount. I am saying that right now, we do not have that privilege and we need to respect that. Regardless of what any Muslim does, we should not steep so low as to degrade another’s space (which at this point in time, it is). And to say we need to “take it back, PERIOD!” seems very Malcom X, “by any means necessary,” which then seems like causing death to others in order to get the Temple Mount back would be acceptable, in your argument? I don’t see Israel getting it back any other way. Please correct me if you have another, less lethal idea.
    In addition, for many Jews who live by the Torah, the Temple Mount is forbidden regardless. It is not until Moshiach comes and we all live in Israel with the Temple rebuilt, that we will rejoice together on the mount.

  12. It is also irresponsible for jews to live in Israel now because all Arabs want us dead and outside the our land
    should we stay or leave what do you think Greer Fay Cashman?
    or maybe we can change our religion to Islam to make the Waqf and the Arabs happy?

  13. I hope this doesn’t become a trend only because I don’t want to see people get hurt because of a couple’s irresponsibly and a rabbi’s eagerness to supervise a marriage. These tense situations can turn into violence endangering themselves, the rabbi, israeli police, the proximate guards and worshippers. This article also now spreads intelligence and will maybe lead to their hyperawareness of future similar events.

  14. Dear Greer, fear is the outmost paralysing obstacle that we all ought avoid. Don't the Jewish mothers teach their sons 'to be brave and courageous' ? Because the God of Israel wants all to be 'brave and courageous'. That is the only way to get ridd of the most violent people whom are very afraid themselves. Afraid and confused. Nothing to build on. Be proud of the first courageous ones !! <3 !!

  15. אתה כנראה מצאצאי המרגלים.
    שפלי רוח, חוששים מהגויים, אינם מאמינים בתמיכת הקב"ה, אינם מאמינים בקוממיות עם ישראל בארצו.
    עצתי לך, תבדוק את הגנים שלך…

  16. Yavin is so so far away from reality to make himself irrelevant. The difference between Judaism and Islam is Judaism's (and Christianity's) ability to adapt to modernity. "Yavin" means "will understand." Maybe someday Yavin will understand.

  17. The Holy Land and the Whole World belongs to God, and we are His guests here – where ever we live, we have to live in peace – the purpose of the Holy Land in Judaism is only ceremonial, that certain tithes and offerings can only be brought from that Land. It has nothing to do with Nationalism etc

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