Photo Credit: Hana Levi Julian
This way to the bomb shelter

Many people on the list are experiencing this for the first time, so here are a few hints from the IDF to help you protect yourself here in Israel during this conflict.

1. METAL WINDOWS in shelters must be CLOSED and LATCHED to provide protection.


2. The heavy door must be SHUT and LATCHED, in mamadim that’s a second turn DOWN, to provide protection.

3. Basement shelters are perfectly safe for rockets. Use them.

4. If you have little children sleeping, you may want to camp out in the mamad or shelter.
— What if you have no mamad or building shelter? Use the stairwell, at least one or two floors down.
— DO NOT shelter by windows. (Glass!)

5. DO NOT shelter in the bathroom. (Tiles break into tiny pieces that can hurt you.)
— IF YOU HAVE NO SHELTER where you are staying, choose an interior Western wall (Beit Shemesh, Be’er Sheva or West) or Southern wall (Tel Aviv and north), under a table, surround with mattresses.

6. If not other option, call 106 (city) or 104 (Home Front Command) and find a nearby public city shelter.


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