Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Office
IDF soldier launches Skylark drone

An IDF drone crashed in the Gaza Strip on Monday night, the IDF confirmed.

The IDF noted that the reason for the crash was a technical malfunction and that there was no fear of an intelligence leak or loss of information.


Similar drones have previously crashed in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon.

The Rochev Shamayim (Skylark) drone is a mini close-range tactical unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system designed and manufactured by Elbit Systems to carry out intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance operations.

The UAV is primarily used for bad weather reconnaissance, data collection, and target marking.

In related news, IDF troops arrested an Arab who crossed the perimeter fence in the northern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. The suspect was arrested and was found to be armed with a knife.

No one was injured in the incident.