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A well orchestrated ambush by Arabs on Rt. 443, the alternative highway connecting the Tel Aviv metro area with Jerusalem via Modi’in, which resulted in three Israelis injured from stones and broken glass and damage to a dozen vehicles, also ended with an IDF rescue force shooting an apparently innocent Arab youth who was in a car that drove by the incident.

An IDF spokesperson said that after a group of Arab youths had hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails at moving Israeli vehicles on route 443, “Israeli forces acted to protect additional vehicles from immediate danger and fired toward the suspects and bystanders were mistakenly hit.”


According to motorists who spoke to News 0404, late Monday night masked Arab terrorists poured oil on the highway about two miles east of the Maccabim check post, then stood by the side of the road and as each Israeli car arrived and started swerving on the oil, they smashed it with very large stones. At least 12 vehicles were seriously damaged, as windows and windshields were cracked and broken, as well as the sides and roofs.


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  1. Lets recall the brillliant Israeli court that ruled that the intent of the stone throwers was not to kill but damage the car. Brilliant, no doubt armed w the courts encouragement, the drivers felt safe. The firsrt stone that went unanswered was the begining of the end.
    BTW, what would happen if stones were thrown at moving cars traveling on the GWB? maybe a moving violation? a ticket for property damage?
    What if this happened EVERY day and a few New Yorkers were murdered! Hum?

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