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Imam Anjem Choudary, widely considered one of the most dangerous Muslim Clerics in the world, has been featured on the most prominent news outlets worldwide. Never before, however, has he gone head to head with Zionist Jewish Rabbis – and the outcome was unlike anything one would find on mainstream media.

This week two Jerusalem media personalities, both Rabbi’s and IDF reservists, went head to head with Choudary on their program, which is going viral on social media.


“Let’s face it,” explained Abramowitz “we are not embroiled in a political conflict with the Palestinians, we are in a religious conflict with extreme Islam. The more politicians insist on imposing their solutions, the worse things get.”

“By all accounts, Choudary has inspired many British Muslims to join Isis”, Gimpel explained. “He celebrated the 9-11 attacks, justified the Paris terrorist attacks, and as far as I know he has never outrightly condemned a terrorist attack, no matter how brutal. While the world continues to define what “real Islam” is, this interview makes it quite clear that it’s not up to infidel like us to make assertions one way or the other. I don’t care what real Islam is, but I care deeply about what the people with the guns and bombs think what the real Islam is. It’s hard to imagine that a highly educated trained lawyer living in a free democratic society like England wants to stone unfaithful women to death and kill apostates but it’s true and it’s frightening.”

Unlike other appearances that Choudary has made in the media, he has never engaged before with religious Jews. The issues debated were predominantly religious and philosophical. The hosts contrasted Islam with the non-missionary tenants of Judaism, challenging Choudary as to whether Islam is an “insecure” religion which relies on brutal coercion to ensure compliance rather than allowing its merits to speak for themselves.

“We wanted to hold his feet to the flames,” Gimpel said. “If subjugating the world to Sharia is a primary directive of Islam, then why do Muslims claim their war against the west is a response to persecution and oppression? Is 70 virgins and hedonist pleasure really all that heaven has to offer? If everything that happens in the world is the will of Allah, can the ingathering of the Jewish People from around the world into their ancient homeland as envisioned by the prophets be the will of God?”

Choudary’s straightforward and unapologetic style is both jarring and frightening, offering a glimpse into a prevalent and authentic stream of Islam shared by tens of Millions of Muslims around the world. “Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were not Jews,” Choudary asserted “they were Muslims”.

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