Photo Credit: Nati Shohat / Flash 90
Golani soldiers visiting the Kotel and blowing a Shofar. (Archive 2008)

Six companies of IDF soldiers are scheduled to enter Jerusalem Wednesday, the day after the Security Cabinet decided to beef up measures to combat terror.

Both security forces are coordinating and working together, but exact positions of deployment of soldiers have not yet been defined.


Police have not placed a curfew on violent Arab neighborhoods, a move that was cleared by the Cabinet but which will be carried out at the discretion of the police.

So far, no major violent has been reported in Jerusalem,.

Restrictions were placed on Arabs from Jabel Mukhaber, the home of several terrorists who have wounded and killed Jews in the past months, including three who were killed yesterday. Border Police closed one entrance to the area and placed a checkpoint a second.


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  1. “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”

    How many Jewish lives have to be lost before the Israeli government takes a decisive action, no holds barred and zero tolerance? Death to the terrorists and no restraint to terror and violence. A terrorist is a terrorist; the age of the terrorist does not mitigate an act of terrorism, or the consequences thereof. Israel must execute mandatory eviction and demolition of homes, confiscation of property to compensate for the damage and barring Arabs in those areas. Let the Arabs know that if this terror and violence continues, the price will be high and non-negotiable. Stop talking; let’s see some serious action on the ground. This situation is spiraling out of control and the government and its security forces are deliberating and hesitating to take forceful and uncompromising actions. The Israeli government must consider first and foremost the safety and security of its people and not the biased world nations, who throughout history stood idle while Jews were killed, tortured, terrorized and persecuted. Israeli people are trained soldiers; they know how to defend themselves. If the government is not able to stop this wave of terror, it is the Job of the Israelis to defend themselves. This is not Nazi Germany; this is Israel, our own historical land with our own government and a strong defense force, use it and stop the ghetto mentality. Death to the terrorists, nothing less will suffice. May the lord support you in defending yourselves, but G-d helps those who help themselves. Israel must take a strong initiative once and for all.
    YJ Draiman

    Israel should give a 90 day notice the UN and the world at large that it intends to exercise its historical and international rights under the international law and treaties post WWI which are still in effect and have not been superseded. Under those treaties all of Palestine is in effect belongs to Israel. Israel will no longer tolerate the deceptive term of occupation by Israel; it is internationally guaranteed Jewish land liberated by Israel. It is the Arabs who are the occupiers.
    YJ Draiman

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