Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Terrorist tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel.

A senior IDF official revealed today during a press briefing commemorating a year since Operation Protective Edge (“Tzuk Eitan”) that the IDF’s tunnel warning system will be fully operational in the coming days. The officer noted that system was recently activated and installed surrounding the Gaza Strip. The officer stressed that not one of the 32 terror tunnels destroyed by the IDF during last year’s operation has been renovated, yet Hamas is digging new tunnels towards Israel.

During the press briefing, it was revealed that Hamas is searching for new weapon smuggling pipelines since Egypt effectively shut down the smuggling tunnels from Sinai to Gaza. As a result. Hamas has built new ties with radical Islamic elements in Sinai to train weapon smugglers in Sinai and even encourage attacks against the Egyptian army.


In parallel, ISIS forces in Sinai are trying to bring Israel into a conflict with Egypt, and it is expected that ISIS rockets will continue to be shot at Israel from Sinai, as was demonstrated last week. The IDF Southern command is preparing to defend attempts of terror attacks alongside the border with Egypt.

The IDF’s present analysis is that Hamas prefers quiet at this time and the cease fire continues between the sides. Despite Israel’s efforts to allow hundreds of the aid trucks daily into Gaza and the ongoing restoration of Gaza, the difficult economic situation in Gaza can easily create the catalyst for the next conflict with Israel.


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