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Kerr said Iran has agreed to turn its Fordow facility, an underground bunker, into a research facility that will invite world scientists to work there.

As to the heavy-water reactor in Arak, which was capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium—it will be rebuilt using a design approved by the international community, according to Kerry. And that design, Kerry said, would make the production of weapons-grade plutonium there impossible.


IRNA says: “Arak Heavy Water Reactor will continue its work and remain intact, to be modernized, and equipped with latest technology, new laboratories and new installations and through cooperation with the owners of most sophisticated and most secure technologies in the world, early demands for dismantling or changing it to a light water reactor is void.”

Also, according to IRNA: “Ban on procurement of sensitive dual-purpose items to be lifted and Iran’s requirements to be facilitated and removed through referral to Iran-G5+1 Joint Commission.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted Tuesday afternoon: “From the initial reports we can already conclude that this agreement is a historic mistake.”

So he’s not seizing the opportunity for now.


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  1. October 23, 1983 – 241 U.S. service personnel, 220 Marines and 21 other service personnel, are killed by a truck bomb at a Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon.

    300 service members had been living at the four-story building at the airport in Beirut. There were 1,800 Marines stationed in Beirut at the time.

    A multi-national force with units from France, Italy and the United Kingdom is also on peacekeeping duty in Lebanon at the same time.

    At the same time the Marine barracks is hit, a suicide bomber drives a pickup truck full of explosives and crashes into a building housing French paratroopers. Approximately 58 French soldiers are killed in the attack.

    This is the most deadliest attack against U.S. Marines since the battle over Iwo Jima in February 1945.

    The bombing is traced to Hezbollah, a militant and political group that originated in Lebanon in 1982. Iranian and Syrian involvement was also suspected.

  2. On May 4th, 1919 the Council of Four, Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau (Italy was never a full partner) announced the treaty that would end the War to End All Wars, and ensure peace through the generations.

    This treaty was made without input from most of the affected peoples. Far from ensuring peace this treaty ensured that World War II was an inevitability.

    On July 14th, 2015 the P5+1 announced their Nuclear deal with Iran, a treaty to ensure Iran not becoming a Nuclear Power.

    This treaty was made without the input and against the wishes of all neighbors of Iran. Far from ensuring Peace in the Middle East, this treaty ensures a Nuclear Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, etc.

    In response to criticism of the Paris Treaty French Prime Minister Georges Benjamin Clemenceau Said “In the end, it is what it is, above all else it is the work of human beings and, as a result, it is not perfect.”

    Fateful words that Obama and Kerry echo in this repetition of history. How long before the equivalent of WWII happens again?

    The alternative was to keep crippling sanctions in place until Iran agreed to dismantle their nuclear program. An action that could be accomplished by allowing the existing sanctions to remain in place. Unfortunately, Obama’s term was set to expire before that might happen so the entire Middle East has been sacrificed on the alter of Obama’s need to be remembered by History as the President who signed a Treaty with Iran.

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