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President Obama presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Is Shimon Peres Planning to Undermine Netanyahu?

For some people, seven decades in political life would be considered a lifetime of service. At the age of 91, most people would be happy to leave the public eye and retire to a quiet life.


Not, apparently, Shimon Peres.

As Israel’s nonagenarian president enters his last month in office, Peres has begun showing signs that the end of his career as an elected official will not necessarily mean his exit from the political stage.

The Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Aharonoth reported on Yom HaAtzma’ut that Peres had violated his mandate as Israeli president by “negotiating” an updated version of the Oslo Accords with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in 2011. Today, the paper reported that the prime minister was furious at Peres’ comments, which appeared to be an opening salvo in a post-presidency in which Peres uses his international status as a senior Israeli spokesman to pressure Netanyahu to compromise vital interests in the name of appeasing the international community.

In Israel, the president has no authority to negotiate treaties, but Peres’ international recognition as a senior Israeli spokesman could put pressure on the prime minister

On Wednesday, Peres met with visiting US National Security Advisor Susan Rice, a meeting that ended with an announcement that Peres would travel to the United States next month to meet President Barack Obama at the White House.

During a joint press conference, Peres departed again from his largely ceremonial role to argue that “There’s no alternative to the two-state solution. Israel is reaching out for peace with all of its neighbors, primarily with the Palestinians.” Peres did not mention any of the many signs that the Palestinians do not appear ready to make peace with Israel, but Palestinian Authority leader Abu Mazen capitalised immediately on Peres’ attack on Netanyahu.

“After the first four meetings, a fifth meeting was planned in Amman,” the Palestinian leader said, “but Shimon Peres made his excuses and told me: ‘I’m sorry but the government doesn’t accept what we have negotiated and there’s nothing more I can do’.”
It should be noted that while Peres and Netanyahu have treated one-another cordially during their joint tenure as president and prime minister, respectively, there is also long-standing political blood between the two. Netanyahu was a fierce critic of Peres’ Oslo process during the 1990s, and narrowly defeated the Labor Party stalwart in the 1996 election following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.


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  1. There is no Parliamentary nor Presidential discipline in Israel’s much touted democracy which at time borders on anarchy. Every Yid must have the last word and of course must be right (his mother says so).

  2. He’s irrelevant and his term is up this year. He also in his 90s so he’ll be dead soon. Just safely ignore him. I would consider eliminating the office of the President of Israel. It is unelected and serves no purpose.

  3. Only in Israel would this piece of garbage survive. The Israelis don’t seem to realize all they have to do is say No to all these preposterous ploys to destroy them and the world has no place to go — as long as the Israelis don’t self-destruct.

  4. Agree.

    I have said this many times over the years.

    Israel does not need a president and PM>
    The head of government should be the President with no PM>
    Like the US and other countries.there is only a president.
    The elected president could then appoint his cabinet.

    Peres has caused lts of problems for Israel.

  5. Peres To Visit Norway

    Israeli President Shimon Peres will arrive on a state visit to Norway on May 12th to 13th… President Peres (90), has been invited by King Harald, who will receive his guest at an official reception on the steps of the Royal Palace.

    The program will include among other things a gala dinner at the Palace, as well as a lunch at Akershus Castle (Vårt Land).

    Shimon Peres will also meet the parliamentary president Olemic Thommessen and Prime Minister Erna Solberg. There will be a press conference after the meeting with the Prime Minister. President Peres will also give a lecture at the Norwegian Nobel Institute (The Nordic Page).

  6. Who had the most to gain from Rabin’s assassination? Who was despised by the Israeli electorate and had no chance off being elected Who ran four times for PM and lost each time. I believe his last name is “Heres”.

  7. He undermined Rabin, Meir, Begin and Netanyahu before. Why not be consistent and do it again? Read the Prime Ministers. He also never won an election. Why is he even in government?

  8. There is a time for everything, especially, for retirement for old people who are being a**holes most of their lives. Peres is one of them, the main one.

  9. If you are relatively healthy in your 91th you are happy to be alive and see your grandchildren! But Shimon Peres, wearing a mental problem with him. He is projected only to itself and does not recognize the reality, even if his acting inflicts the most damage to his own country !

  10. But this garbage man instead retiring enjoying his grandchildren, after his presidental mandate expire in this year, he intends to form his own political party.

  11. yes, he had his fair share for the nation already and his relevance is long overdue……now is the time for him to be set aside from politics of the nation to make sure that his irrelevant actions would not lead to his undoing of what he had accumulated…..insatiable desire to remain in the limelight at a senile pace of ambition is sucidal for a nation dealing with a multiple threat on its fences.

  12. Shimon: You and your ilk did enough damage to our beloved Eretz Yisrael…including, but not limited to, “Oslo”…better you should stay out of politics and take your medication

  13. This evil man will not give up his plan to destroy Israel & the Jewish people, he will fight to the end, thats how evil works, so we better wake up, and be ready to fight against evil.

  14. Who hasn’t Peres undermined? He has worked all his political career to undermine Israel and 15,000 terror victims paid the price for his hands stained by Jewish blood.

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