Photo Credit: Inspire (ISIS)
ISIS terrorist carries the group's black flag.

As part of its training course on detonation devices, an infant was wired with explosives and detonated in Iraq by the brutal terrorist organization ISIS.

The story, reported in Iraqi News, is just one more example of the depravity exhibited by ISIS and its adherents. And yet, jihadi-wannabes continue to ooze into the territories controlled by ISIS.


The infant who was murdered as part of the ISIS teaching session, was apparently the child of a man executed earlier in the month by the terrorist organization.

“The available information indicates that ISIS brought a baby, the son of a civilian [who] was executed a few weeks ago under the charges of killing ISIS militants, in one of the training camps near Sharqat northern Salahuddin,” an Iraqi local official said.

The child was blown up using a remote detonator. The explosion took place in front of dozens of ISIS members.

According to Western Journalism, thousands of children have been recruited by ISIS since the organization became public. The children are brainwashed and taught it is their holy duty to undertake suicide missions or participate in mass executions.

In addition to voluntary recruits, ISIS kidnapped up to 500 children this month alone.



  1. Is this true? If this is true it already typifies what is most evil in the collective spirit of the dark imitation of the religious and fallen Humanity…

    But, also, if true, the major governments of western civ. cannot be unknowing. They’re, then, demonstrating the greater evil of moral apathy, political cynicism and entitled ignorance. A large part of the world taken up by a spirit of Chamberlain-ism. At the forefront, the US.

    Even so…

  2. Now isn't that sweet? Don't you just want to run up to these big, lovable Teddy bears, and give them a great, big bear-hug of pure love?

    Kill all ISIS…Down to twelve years of age. They are unsalvageable, probably even at seven or eight; but I am being generous, for a change.

    Wipe this scourge off of the face of the earth; or, you yourself will die, for your refusal to do so. There is no hiding from it; there is no safe place; there is no turning back. The cup has been poured out; it is all a flow of red downhill, from here.

    Stem the tide…Today. Or, die yourself. Can't you even see what is happening, right before your very own eyes?

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