Photo Credit: Chen Leopold / Flash 90
Solar panels on a home in Israel.

Israel-based international humanitarian aid group, iAID, has announced that it will be providing solar panels to a Yazidi refugee camp in northern Iraq to help 330 families access electricity.

“Persecuted Yazidi families living in horrible conditions in remote regions on the mountains of northern Iraq will receive [solar panels] which will be used to help provide lights in over 330 family tents and in bathroom and shower structures so to prevent gender-based violence,” Shachar Zahavi, founder of iAID, said in a statement.


The solar electricity will also help charge mobile phones and other appliances.

Zahavi said iAID’s mission is to “connect innovative solutions, technology and humanitarian aid to communities in need worldwide.”

According to reports, there are some 500,000 Yazidis living in refugee camps in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

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