Photo Credit: courtesy, Israel Police
Bird on the lam from Safari in Ramat Gan ends up as jailbird when Israeli police are called in to stop traffic when the avian takes a walk on the wild side along Route 4

An avian on the lam from Safari in Ramat Gan ended up a jailbird Wednesday after a walk on the wild side along Route 4. Israeli police were called to stop traffic.

It started after the traffic control center got a call about a “large winged bird walking along the road” near the Bar Ilan Interchange on Route 4, heading north.


When the officers arrived on the scene, sure enough they saw the bird — a large, beautiful creature with silky chocolate brown feathers marked with white spots — calmly walking along the road.

Of course the officers immediately blocked traffic for this show-stopping bird. (This is Israel, after all.)

A few minutes later, and with the help of civilians, the police were able to capture the creature and get it into the police car, healthy and accepting of its fate.

The officers reopened the road to traffic and completed their mission once they brought the creature back to the zoo staff at the Safari in Ramat Gan — from where it apparently had escaped.