Photo Credit: Courtesy IMI Systems
The Magic Spear rocket

IMI Systems (Israel Military Industries) last week presented a live fire demonstration of its Magic Spear – a precise 155-mm rocket with a 40-km range – in a show it dubbed “Artillery Systems – The Next Generation,” Defence Alert reported.

Established in 1933 and fully owned by the Israeli government, IMI is a defense systems house specializing in the development, integration, manufacturing and life cycle support of modern land, air and naval combat systems and HLS solutions. IMI’s products have been qualified with the IDF, US Military (Air Force, Army and Navy) and NATO nations.


IMI Systems employs 2,900 personnel in three divisions. In addition to the modern design and development shops, IMI operates production facilities, supported by advanced laboratories and test facilities accounting for 30% of the company’s infrastructure.

The live fire show was held at a test site in southern Israel and was attended by senior officials and industrialists from 17 countries. It also included demonstration of a 120-kg exploding warhead installed on an extra long-range missile designed for attacking high-quality targets at a range of 80 miles, as well as an advanced warhead.

The demonstration was designed to highlight IMI Systems’ capabilities, establishing it as the world’s leading producer of advanced artillery systems.



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