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MK Shuli Moalem-Rafaeli, after being physically accosted during a visit to the Temple Mount last year.

MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli (Bayit Yehudi) filed a complaint with police on Monday morning. In her complaint, Moalem reported that she was attacked by a woman on the Temple Mount.

Following her complaint to the police, she went to the Officer of the Knesset.


The police spokesperson reports that MK Moalem was on the Temple Mount with a group of visitors when she was approached by a Muslim woman who began to yell at her and then physically shoved the Israeli Member of Knesset.

The Muslim woman was arrested and brought in for questioning.

MK Moalem was not injured in the incident, and continued with her tour of the Jewish holy site.

Police add they will show zero tolerance for any violence towards visitors on the Temple Mount, and anyone acting with violence will be arrested.

Here is a video of the actual incident:

On Sunday, reported that Arabs were tracking and stalking MK Moshe Feiglin in the Old City and on the Temple Mount.

It now appear that the Islamists are purposely targeting Israeli MKs and public figures connected to the Temple Mount in order to harm them.

MK Shuli Moalem and Uri Bank on the Temple Mount

Uri Bank, Secretary-General of the Bayit Yehudi Knesset party, who was with Moalem during the assault, released the following statement, “Proud to have had the chance to pray (albeit silently…) this morning on the Temple Mount for a full and speedy recovery for Yehudah Glick, in the most appropriate place possible. I’m hoping that the Prime Minister will come to his senses and realize that the attempt to assassinate Yehudah is an historic, opportune moment to ensure what Yehudah has devoted his whole life to – the realization of the very basic right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.”


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  1. How long is Netanyahu going to allow this to continue? There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior but why wasn't it acted upon immediately?. The Muslim woman should have been cuffed and arrested on the spot, on camera.

  2. Interesting….That is exactly what Jews are doing trying to be decent and civilized to Muslims….it's like trying to dance with the devil. ProArabs press tripped themselves up on that one. They are so transparent and not very smart. You can fool some of the people some of the time BUT NOT ALL of the people ALL OF THE TIME.

  3. What is the purpose of the walk on the mount ment to bring about? Either claim the site back and clean it up or leave it alone until you are ready to reclaim it that brings a huge responsability on the jewish people. Jews should be able to pray on the site and muslims must understand that they live in israel today and not in a muslim state and the mount is jewish property.

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