Photo Credit: Tazpit News Agency
Aftermath of attack on car in Samaria by Palestinian Authority rock-throwing terrorists

Rock-throwing Palestinian Authority Arabs scored a direct hit on a Jewish driver from central Israel, whose vehicle overturn after he lost control of the steering wheel.

He suffered “moderate” injuries and was hospitalize, and the attackers fled the area near the Hawara junction in northern Samaria.


The IDF is searching for the attacker.

For those who think that tossing a few rocks at a car is childish vandalism, I speak from personal experience when I say it is attempted murder, and nothing less than that.

Every Arab, or Jew God forbid, who throws a rock at a passing car is a potential murderer. There have been several incidents in which people have been killed or seriously injured, sometimes for life, after rock-throwing attackers “succeed” and hit them square in the face, or when the impact of the rock causes the driver to lose control of his vehicle.

I have been “stoned” several times but always have been able to keep control of my car.

That is not possible when a rock or building block smashes the front windshield and hits you square in the face. No worse is facing a barricade of rocks strewn across the road and then running up on the shoulders to skirt blockade, hoping the tires won’t be punctured, leaving you a sitting duck for terrorists.

Rock-throwers are not just rock-throwers. They are rock-throwing terrorists intent on murder.

Most of the attackers are young people, often at the time when they are on recess from school for “physical education” to improve their aim.

“Sign him up” – for jail.




  1. How many more stoning, murder, shooting running over
    Three month babies.Do we need to endure? Is
    there an appropriate amount of dead Jews we r
    required to provide? ..Why does the Israeli
    Goverment think the " worlds collective moral
    conscious" will have an epifanny and demand
    the animalistic behavior stop… When WE
    embolden their behavior by Not responding w the
    proper force. regardless if it PC
    If I'm not for myself ……

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