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U.S. President Barack Obama

Last week President Obama held a conference call with interested Americans, seeking to directly sell them on the nuclear deal the U.S. and its P5+1 partners made with Iran.

Many Jews who listened on the call were taken aback by what they heard as coded anti-Semitic language being used by the President to attack those who are critical of the deal.


On Friday, the Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement demanding that Obama stop demonizing the critics of the Iran deal with code words for Jews.

Matt Brooks, the executive director of the RJC, quoted the President’s comment, that the “lobbying taking place on the other side is fierce, well-financed and relentless.”

Brooks responded, “Some of us have been around long enough to remember how Jewish groups – including Jewish Republicans – came down hard on the first President Bush for similar remarks.

“Apparently, the President’s claim that he ‘welcomes a robust debate’ was just rhetoric – like his administration’s repeated pledges to make Iran submit to ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections.

“Jewish leaders need to hold President Obama to the same standards they held the first President Bush. And President Obama should stick to the facts and stop demonizing Americans who are rightly skeptical of his dubious deal with the Tehran regime.”

During a September 12, 1991 press conference, President George H.W. Bush said, in response to a question about loan guarantees to Israel:

“I think it will sell, but it’s taken a little time. And we’re up against a very strong and effective, sometimes, groups that go up to the Hill. I heard today there was something like a thousand lobbyists on the Hill working the other side of the question. We’ve got one lonely little guy down here doing it.”

As at least one observer noticed, in addition to using code words like “lobby” and “well-financed,” President Obama also repeated the idea that “the same people who are opposing the Iran deal got us into the Iraq war.” The “neocons” are frequently blamed for pulling the U.S. into the Iraq war, and “neocons” is frequently a code word for Jews.



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  1. Why the surprise ?what where all those
    Lobby's thinking about when they elected
    Him ?like the saying goes
    A one eyed man is a king in the land of the blind
    The blind in this case are the lobby's that
    Ellected the on eyed man

  2. What the hell you stupid people that voted for this SOB think ?he said what ever he think of ISRAEL and ME before he became President and went to Arab countrys and praisd Islam .and you dumis put him back in the White House this man hate JEWS hate ISRAEL and listning to what ever his wife is saying they are not so krazy about the USA

  3. Demonizing? Hahahaha. Is this a joke? To smear the most decent president the US ever had? Some weeks ago he said such warm things about the Jews who inspired him, who supported the civil rights movement and so on. You must be insane to write an article like this. Inflating the word antisemitism is mean and stupid!!!

  4. Obama has always demonized and threatened those who disagree with him. It’s what he does.

    He is going to go down hard on this idiotic deal with Iran and he knows it. Look for him to become even more desperate and incoherent as he struggles to secure his “legacy.”

  5. Myself and many here in the states are totally against the Iran Deal. People are not stupid! Neither should Israel be blamed for not accepting this Deal. We should not be enabling our enemies and attacking our allies. From day one people here in the states were against this deal. President Obama choice to ignore the will of the people and sold Israel and America out. None of us wants to support Isis, nor do we accept the killing of 21 vets who went over to Turkey to fight Isis. Our President is a traitor and should be impeached, NOW!

  6. Myself and many here in the states are totally against the Iran Deal. People are not stupid! Neither should Israel be blamed for not accepting this Deal. We should not be enabling our enemies and attacking our allies. From day one people here in the states were against this deal. President Obama choice to ignore the will of the people and sold Israel and America out. None of us wants to support Isis, nor do we accept the killing of 21 vets who went over to Turkey to fight Isis. Our President is a traitor and should be impeached, NOW!

  7. Neccessary Imformation is being withheld from Israel and our Congress. Where is it? This is more of dodging the release of imformation concerning this deal just like with Hillary, IRS, and other organizations that are connected with Obama. This is wrong and should be followed up by our Congress! Even Presidents are and should be held accountable!

  8. The people who elected him including many American Jews got what they asked for. I’m not a Jew but I could easily see through this socialist stooge. America’s Jews will undoubtedly help to elect Hillary and keep the ball rolling.

  9. I would imagine he meant the Americans who voted for a Muslim president twice and whose people now can riot, destroy, loot and burn cities when they are unhappy and two Muslims have murdered US military men on two occasions. I think that’s who Michael Sade meant. Correct me if I am wrong.

  10. So Michael if you live in Israel then worry about your own Country and your own people, Stop insulting our President, as we have not insulted yours, that is called respect, something you may need to learn. You do not agree with his diplomatic decisions, cool, you have that right, But you don’t have the right to be a pompous ass.

  11. Have more concerns about your own Country and those women and men who you want to send to war if this treaty does not go through, then the feelings of another Country. This crap REP are trying to pull and the stupid nonsensical comments, about our President being a Muslim who hates Jews, try making a logical coherent argument to why you think this is deal is bad, and maybe more people would listen to you, instead of crying like little babies because you lost twice and are about to loose two more times.

  12. His middle name is Hussein that should give people aa hint on how he feels about Israel and the Jews Kerry is Visiting The Arab Countries but will not stop in Israel. Israel can take care of itself and should strike Iran as soon as possible.

  13. You’re right but Obama is following the lead of Erdogan of Turkey -the real military men have been imprisoned – Obama fired the competent US military men. The question is – will he decide to run again – everyone is saying it can’t happen – we’ll see.

  14. I won’t use code words. obama=demonic . And may God bless Israel/USA. The Iran terrorist funding “deal” is dangerous for the world. We oppose it. Stand strong, Jewish Americans, against the terrorist funding/enabling “deal.”

  15. There is very little of Obama's attitude and actions that could sway me from thinking he is a perfect example of an Islamist using Takyya at every opportunity,to weaken the US and turn Israel into a burden for its historical ally rather than an asset, as to creating a gap between the two that would eventually harm both. Mohammed used similar tactics against two Jewish tribes in Arabia, causing the perdition of both by using one against the other.

  16. …. You’re right, BUT, will obama destroy America before he leaves office. He’s done pretty much already. ~ ” islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog” (Sir Winston Churchill) A good read is the FREE online book .. … there is also a free audio version of the same book ..

  17. READ MY LIPS you ingrate…YOU, obamanation…are the enemy of Israel, and AMERICA, AND all that is good, right, and morally solid….I AM NOT Israel’s enemy, never have been, and never will I be!! There are a HELL OF A LOT MORE OF US WHO can, and DO think right, INCLUDING ALL THE HOST OF GOD’S army, and no matter how many of us you destroy, GOD will finally see the blood of all HIS AVENGED. Personally…I wouldn’t waste my breath,or time threatening you…I DON’T NEED TO…GOD has OUR BACK< and you…sir…won't like this battle!!!!! But since you have no use for either of the aforementioned…it will be your biggest surprise…you, and your cohorts!!!!!

  18. Most of the comments above are a disgrace for us Jews. They even endanger us because our best allies will voam in disgust reading all this. We know this extreme comments from the fascists, opposing democracy in the thirties. Stop for Gods sake this ugly nonsense.

  19. The RJC are repubs and repubs hate everything that President Obama says and does. Now they are saying he used code words for anti-Semitism. These are ignorant fools who you are quoting and would say anything they can to stop President Obama from doing anything. They cannot be quoted on anything because when it comes to Obama everything they say is a lie!

  20. Yaakov Zelig Yu remain an ignorant idiot who has no idea of what you are saying. You have no idea of what a Socialist is because if you did, you would know that I am not a socialist nor is President Obama. There is nothing that I do that would lead even a stupid ignorant idiot like you to believe I am a socialist! Nothing that President Obama has done, including the ACA is socialist. The ACA is buying insurance from the open market and not government owned companies. It is important that before you go on a rant saying things you think are bad about people you shuld at least know what you are talking about. You are the kind of Jew who causes people to be anti-Semitic. You are a dtupid human being thinking that any Jew walked into you leaders ovens thinking the were German and is such a horrible think to say should I ever have the misfortune of meeting you in person I will teach you a lesson you will never frget! I am a direct decendent of Arron so you should be ashamed of how you speak to other Jews!

  21. Randy Axelrod I am a 67 year old retire senior executive of a large company. I may be a lot of things but ignorant I am not! You simly cannot believe anything a repub says when he says anything about President Obama! They hate him and have avowed to make him fail even before he took office! They have done everything they can including hurting all Americans in an effort to make him look like a failure.

  22. Edward Lobel It is "red line" drawn in the sand, Obama who is a feckless, churlish, narcissist. His madrassa education taught him to despise anyone who is not a Muslim. Jew's like you would vote for Hitler, if he were alive and the Socialist Democratic candidate.

  23. It was his comments to the effect that "99% of the world supports this deal" that made my blood boil. So, all the world but the Jews support this deal? It reminded me of the time about 12 years ago when the head of CBC news in Canada said on a CBC public affairs show that "only Jews have complained about the CBC's coverage of Israel".

  24. Obama saying "lobbying taking place on the other side is fierce, well financed and relentless" is politics.

    Netanyahu saying " the Arab list is getting out the vote" is politics.

    Obama saying the later is racist makes his statement equally racist.

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