Photo Credit: David Shankbone / Wikimedia Commons
Rahat, the largest Bedouin city in Israel.

An Arab infiltrator from the Palestinian Authority stabbed a 65-year-old Israeli woman in the throat Saturday evening.

The victim was shopping with her daughter at the shuk (open air market) in the southern Israeli Bedouin city of Rahat.


The woman is a member of a kibbutz in southern Israel. She was moderately wounded in the attack and was evacuated to Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva.

Hospital officials told reporters Saturday night the victim sustained injuries to her neck and ear. She is receiving care in the hospital’s Trauma Center, where she was undergoing treatment by a plastic surgeon, officials said. Her status has been upgraded and she is listed in good condition.

The assailant, age 20, fled the scene and initially managed to escape; however, he was arrested a short time later.

Sheikh Yusuf Abu Gamah, head of the Rahat Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, was arrested October 2015 by Southern District Police for inciting violence and illegal solicitation.

The Islamic Movement was outlawed in November 2015 after is leader, Sheikh Raed Salah, and members were convicted numerous times on charges of incitement to violence.

A number of Bedouin teachers in southern Israel – including several who worked in schools in Rahat – were indicted last month on charges of having joined the Da’esh (ISIS) terror organization.


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  2. I'm sorry but I disagree. Yes, they should be hunted down like the dogs that they are, but not by "large gangs of armed Jews" rather by the Israeli security forces. If civilians have knowledge about these terrorists, then tell it to the police. There is no place for vigilantes among us Jews. We live by law and justice. So far, I still have my faith in the IDF and other security forces (not that I can say the same about the government or the court system). Leave it in their capable hands.

  3. Daniel Friedman It's very unfortunate but it seems the IDF and the court system has failed to protect the Jews of Israel. These scum of the earth arabs are not punished enough for the crimes they commit, But when Jews fight back and either injure or kill these arab scum they are many times arrested and charged. This is insane! These arab pigs seem to have more rights than Jews. I am furious!

  4. Israel, doesnt need that much soldiers in uniform any more, But they need thousand of soldies in the civilant clothing all over the country to fight and stop this stubbing issue ., Also they need to rewise their policy of Democracy and issue the death policy for the all kind of terrorisim .

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