Jordan renewed bombing of suspected Islamic State (ISIS) sites in Syria Thursday, two days after the terrorist organization burned alive a captured Jordanian pilot alive.

King Abdullah has asked the Obama administration for more weapons earlier this week before rushing back to Jordan after the barbaric murder.


He spoke with several U.S. Congressmen in Washington and asked them to break the red tape slowing up delivery of weapons, specifically “more sophisticated air-to-ground weaponry, ground-to-ground weaponry, weapons like anti-tank [and] spare parts,” according to Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Chairman Sen. John McCain.

He added that committee members from both the Republican Democratic parties agreed to sign a letter to President Barack Obama to fast-track deliveries.

“If the administration doesn’t act right away in response to this letter, which every member is going to sign on this committee, we will then introduce legislation direct to the floor,” according to McCain.


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  1. Who knows what Obama will do….Americans are so angry about Obama…That showed in the Republicans taking control of both the Congress and House of Representatives (legislative branch of the government). Many are questioning if Obama is "blackmailing" certain people in the government.

  2. you'll LOVE this one obarfa stuffed his hoof in his snout
    at the prayer breakfast yesterday!!!
    he outted his pig ass kissing self for what he really is
    i ROFLMAO at the story it would be easy to google the story.
    he slamed christians and said something about OUR religion
    meaning muleslime !!
    americans pitched a HUGE hissy fit !!(its a southern us thing )

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