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Former MK Dr. Einat Wilf

Former MK Dr. Einat Wilf used to Chair the Knesset Education, Culture and Sports committee and the subcommittee on Israel’s ties with the Jewish nation, and was member of the Foreign and Defense committee. She was one of the five unlucky—nearsighted, really—MKs who left the Labor party to follow Ehud Barak into his cockamamie Independence party, and they all lost their Knesset seats last January.

But she remains a solid member in good standing of Israel’s leftist elite, which makes her following Facebook post so bittersweet:


Several weeks ago I was approached by Peace Now to speak at their annual conference on a panel discussing whether international pressure on Israel is necessary to promote peace. I was specifically told that my point of view (which opposes such pressure and certainly the domestic efforts to invite it) would be very appreciated in this discussion.

Yesterday, I received a call from the head of Peace Now disinviting me. Even though [Peace Now top honcho] Yariv Oppenheimer noted that he personally did not want to disinvite me, he was outnumbered within his own organization. The reason, he explained, was due to the fact I am a member of the International Advisory Council of NGO Monitor (along with other “human rights offenders” such as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel and Alan Dershowitz).

Too late to take her out of the posters… Einat Wilf, positioned prominently, among the Lefty dignitaries…

Putting aside the way in which dogmatic thinking seems to blind people to the importance of good manners, and the inability of those who preach tolerance to hear a point of view that is not their own, I am issuing the following response:

“If the Israeli Left has no place for those who support a two-state solution and who also wage battle against those who seek to delegitimize Israel, it will not return to lead the country. Leadership is not built through self-flagellation. Defending Israel and Zionism can and should be part of supporting peace and a two state solution. Israel is under attack for its very legitimacy and the human-rights discourse serves various groups to undermine the foundational idea of Zionism that the Jewish People have a right to a sovereign state in their ancestral homeland. If people, whose work for human rights is indisputable such as Elie Wiesel and Alan Dershowitz, find it proper to fight against the demonization of Israel, then I am proud to wage this battle with them.”

We shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that Dr. Wilf is our ally on the Left, but it’s possible that in another intifada or two, she, too, will come around to realize our Arab neighbors don’t hate Jews because of Israel, rather they hate Israel because it’s Jewish.

As to Peace Now and Oppenheimer, I believe Israel must insist that any treaty with the Palestinians must include a paragraph about exporting him to Ramallah.


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Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth,,, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.


  1. The bottom line is that the far Left is no better or worse than the far Right in demanding a purity of interest that is self-limiting and ultimately self-defeating. Peace requires a new level of understanding and commitment by all Israelis, Palestinians and internationals. Without it we will only repeat the mistakes of the past and continue the war of attrition.

  2. Former MK WIlf joined the major enemy of Israeli Human Rights and of Peace Organizations, NGO Monitor, and created scandals 2-3 years ago in her attempts to put an end to the yearly memorial gatherings for Rabin and even dared to suggest to get rid of Rabins photo on the wall the Labor party Knesset meeting rooms. Then, when she departed from Labor to "Atzmaut" (which was later rejected from the Knesset in the 2013 elections) , she took the freedom to replace Rabin's photo on the wall. She may not have been aware of the fallacies and actions of NGO monitor before she joined that organization, but she was properly updated. It was suggested that she leaves that terrible organization., but she did not reply,so I requested, together with others, to reject her from the meeting, as there is no reason to legitimize NGO Monitor that does all it can to deligitimize major organizations that form the main bodies of the Zionist Left , the left which gathers to discuss its own activities, to which Wilf does not belong and could have no contribution. Einat Wilf never belonged there and should not have been invited in the first place. The fact that Elie Wiesel and Alan Dershowitz are partners of Gerald Stienberg just speaks for their ignorance about the nature of NGO Monitor and of its "president" . And. BTW, her photo has been taken out of the "wall of speakers".

  3. Larry Snider you live in Boston. Jewish American Princes need to understand there is no we when it comes to Israel security.

    We understand our enemies quite well. They very clearly tell us the peace process is a farce, they will never recognize our right to exist and they will kill every Jew in this country given a chance.

    My son not yours will serve in the army here. My family's life not yours is on the line if we make the wrong decisions.

    You want to take a risk for peace move here. Feel free to ask your president to release as many Muslim terrorists into Boston as you want. But how dare you support putting terrorists in my country, risking my children's lives for your ego.

  4. Yisrael Medad , shutting off the person who shut off Rabin ? yes, absolutely, it is my duty, and forever unless she repents publicly. And when did NGO Monitor invite Zehava Galon or Rachel Liel or Naomi Hazan to speak ? And when did you open any settlement school to a speaker from Peace Now (not me, I do not go to settlements except for reporting about construction…). Or, when did you open your schools to those whom you apply apartheid to, your neighbors from across the road ? But this won;t help you Yisrael, you are doomed :
    לכל מי שחשב שמדובר באיומי סרק של האירופים כאשר הודיעו שיופעלו סנקציות וחרם נגד ההתנחלויות – (
    עכשו זה מתחיל להגיע, סופסוף, בגדול –
    בריטניה :
    מחצית ממדינות אירופה :
    ומתי ישראל תצטרף לחרם על ההתנחלויות ?

  5. Amiram Goldblum, your "chemistry" is explosive. Besides knowing little but believing a lot, you are a remarkable and applaudable example of left-of-center messianic fundamentalists. Our communities have always been open, ask Amos Oz. A group of B'tselem ladies from abroad even donated money to the women's group at the foundng of Rechalim (ask Zehava Golan who led that tour 22 years ago). And repeat the term "apatrtheid" diarrheatically but you are simply injuring our human rights, oh, sorry, are we still humans in your mind?

  6. Herb Grossman , your name is an oxymoron – either an "herb" or "gross", but I would suggest to change your name to "grossmistake", because you are ignorant of who built this country, who fought its wars, who led its military to its wars of existence and you are certainly ignorant of what is the Israeli Zionist left. Go on and live in the US and send us your moral ideas by emails and posts, shame on you.

  7. Herb Grossman The Zionist left built this state and made it the most legitimate in the world, and protected it against the wars that endangered its existence. All that, while you were sitting safely in your US home and enjoying peace and quiet. You are ignorant of what Israel was and still is, shame on you.

  8. Yisrael Medad the one thing that I sniff strongly is the poison gases coming from the settlements int the occupied territories. I appreciate your worries about my university. I realize that some American Jews write posts that reflect their need to compensate for not being here with us when we went through all the difficulties. it is nice and easy to make comments from there, especially ignorant criticism

  9. Amiram Goldblum Your Hebrew is good so here's AB Yehoshua:

    יכול להיות שתהיה מלחמה עם הפלסטינים. זה לא הכרחי, זה לא בלתי אפשרי. אבל אם תהיה מלחמה זו תהיה מלחמה קצרה מאוד. אולי מלחמה של שישה ימים. כיוון שאחרי שנוציא את ההתנחלויות ואחרי שנפסיק להיות צבא כיבוש, כל כללי המלחמה יהיו אחרים. אנחנו נפעיל את מלוא כוחנו. לא נצטרך לרוץ לחפש את המחבל הזה או המסית הזה, אלא נפעיל כוח כלפי אוכלוסיה שלמה. נפעיל כוח באופן טוטאלי… זו תהיה מלחמה לגמרי אחרת. היא תהיה הרבה יותר קשה לפלסטינים. אם הם יירו טילי קסאם על אשקלון אנחנו נפסיק את החשמל בעזה. נפסיק את התקשורת בעזה. נמנע מעזה דלק. נפעיל את מלוא כוחנו כפי שעשינו מול המצרים בערי התעלה ב-1969, ואז, כשהסבל הפלסטיני יהיה לגמרי אחר, הרבה יותר חמור, הם בעצמם יחסלו את הטרור. העם הפלסטיני עצמו יכבוש את הטרור. לא תהיה לו ברירה אחרת… שיפסיקו את הירי. לא משנה אם זו תהיה הרשות או החמאס. מי שייקח אחריות לדלק, לחשמל ולבתי החולים ויראה שהם לא מתפקדים, יפעל בתוך ימים ספורים כדי להפסיק את ירי הקסאם. המצב החדש ישנה לחלוטין את כללי המשחק…. לא מלחמה רצויה, אבל בהחלט מלחמה מטהרת. מלחמה שתבהיר לפלסטינים שהם ריבונים. הסבל שהם יסבלו במצב של אחרי כיבוש יבהיר להם שהם חייבים להפסיק את האלימות כיוון שכעת הם ריבונים. כי מרגע שאנחנו ניסוג אני לא רוצה לדעת בכלל את שמותיהם. אני לא רוצה שום מערכת אישית איתם. אני כבר לא במצב של כיבוש ושיטור ובצלם. אלא אני עומד מולם בעמידה של עם מול עם. מדינה מול מדינה. ואני לא הולך לבצע פשעי מלחמה לשמם, אבל אני מציב כנגדם את כל כוחי. אם יש ירי על אשקלון אין חשמל בעזה. ("הפסיון של יהושע", ראיון עם א. ב. יהושע, מוסף "הארץ", 19.3.2004)

  10. Amiram Goldblum ,if your disgusting and odious 'poison gases' comment accurately reflects what people in your organization think (I would like to think not, but I'm not at all optimistic) then we here have a serious problem with those on the la-la left, whose profound self-hatred is only matched by their warped perception of reality. By making this comment, not only did you not refute YM''s questioning the rationality of your position, you greatly strengthened it.

  11. Not exposed, mr. settler, but proud of having been part of the group that fights against what the settlers like you are creating here, an apartheid over the green line which already gets into parts of Israel in order to destroy the character of the only state of the jews. Your are unJewish, unhuman and your actions are destroying Israel, what you brought from your American background of the wild west and the genocide of the Indians will not work here.

  12. Saul Mashbaum I am not an active member of Peace Now since 2000 and I speak for my own opinions and not for any organization. If you wish to learn about the thoughts of Peace Now there are plenty of people who could respond to you. I can assure you however that self hatred is not my problem, but hatred to others is your serious problem, to the extend that you support an apartheid by your settlers friends or maybe by your own merit.
    And I would like to add to you and to the others, that I used to be a simultaneous chess player….. 🙂

  13. For those not familiar with Amiram Goldblum, he is one of the most far leftist loons in Israel and a Pro Palestinian terrorist.
    Steven Plaut has exposed this nutjob Goldblum.

    Amiram Goldblum hired Adel Hadmi, the convicted terrorist in question, to work in his chemistry lab at the Hebrew University School of Pharmacy as part of his campaign for collaboration between Peace Now and Palestinian terrorism
    A Tenured Extremist in Israel Leads the Campaign to Defame his Country
    December 6, 2012
    Carol Levine

    Israel’s Channel Two TV news claimed in 2008 that Goldblum had personally intervened and arranged for a convicted Palestinian terrorist to come work in his lab and participate in a PhD program. The report claimed Goldblum did so out of political and ideological support for the terrorist based on his leadership in “Peace Now.” Goldblum then denied he was the person who made the decision to hire the terrorist, and managed to badger the spokesman’s office at Hebrew University into issuing a claim that some other, mysterious, unnamed, officials had made the decision. In Ruth King’s words, “Except we do not know of a single case in the entire world where someone gets hired to work in a professor’s university lab without that same professor’s approval and confirmation.”

    Menachem Ben-Sasson is truly a crazy person for allowing this.
    Terrorist Earns Hebrew U. Doctorate, Refuses to Shake Hands
    Two-time terrorist who planned a suicide bombing is given his degree. He refuses to shake the university president’s hand.
    Maayana Miskin

    A terrorist who served two prison terms for involvement in terrorism, including a plot to carry out a suicide bombing, has been awarded his doctorate in chemistry from Hebrew University, Maariv reports.

    The terrorist is an Israeli citizen and a resident of eastern Jerusalem.

    During the graduation ceremony in Hebrew University’s Har Hatzofim campus he refused to shake hands with Hebrew University President Professor Menachem Ben-Sasson. His name was read aloud at the ceremony and he was applauded by the crowd.

    He began working on his doctorate prior to his second terror conviction, several years after serving time in prison for membership in a terrorist organization. He did his research in the Hebrew University laboratories.

    At the same time, he was in close touch with local terrorist groups and assisted them in plotting a suicide bombing attack in Jerusalem. He assisted in finding a young Arab man to carry out the planned attack.

    The bombing was planned in August 2002, shortly after a terrorist bombed a Hebrew University cafeteria, murdering nine students and staff members.

    The attack was thwarted three days before it was to have taken place. Security forces arrested the would-be suicide bomber in Ramallah, and detained the “doctor” in his home in Jerusalem.

    He was sentenced to three years in prison for the crime. In the wake of his arrest Hebrew University decided to bar him from its laboratories for safety reasons.

    A statement from Hebrew University read, “Hebrew University does not prevent people with a criminal background from learning within its gates. His work was found worthy from an academic perspective, and he met all the criteria to receive a doctorate. However, it should be noted that he did not get permission to use the university’s laboratories following his conviction.”

  14. Amiram Goldblum is a supporter of Palestinian Nazis.

    The racists are Palestinians who praise Buses being blown up with old Israeli people on board. Pizza restaurant and Disco's where teenagers hung out, blown up by Arab terrorists and glorified by Holocaust denier and Munich Massacre financer Abbas. Just go on Palmediawatch.

    Crude racism was an old man in a wheel chair is pushed off a ship alive, because he was a Jew.
    Does the name Leon Klinghoffer ring a bell Amiram?
    Families killed in their house having Passover dinner. Documented firing of rockets into Israel from civilian areas.

    Palestinians get more aid per capita then any people on earth yet they are always angry. All foreign aid should be cut off till they grow up, stop firing missiles at civilians, and learn to be productive humans instead of moochers and terrorists.

    My advice to these Pals is very simple.
    Quit trying to blow up innocent Israeli families on vacation, stop trying to conduct terrorism around the world. You want your welfare handout from the West, than stop with the terrorism and your child abuse death cult.

    Hamas and Fatah are always ready to sacrifice women and children for their greed and hatred.

    The Palestinians will blow up the same hospital that gave them excellent care. The will try to blow up the power plant providing electricity from Israel. Their hate knows no end. Until they love their children more than they hate the Jews as Golda Meir said.

  15. Peace Now actually had rallies for Yassin when Israel killed him in 04.
    Terrorism has gone down 90% in Israel since this mass murderer Yassin was sent to hell.
    Peace Now believes in appeasing Palestinian fascists and murderers.

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