(JNi.media) What better way to keep suspense intact for the upcoming season of a television program but through spoilers than might even contradict each other? Many fans were disappointed after the finale of season eight of CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” when Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was thought to have prepared himself to propose to Amy (Mayim Bialik) after their five year relationship, only to be pre-empted by Amy’s suggestion to split up.

However, there may remain some hope for ShAmy — Sheldon and Amy.


While some are certain that Amy is ready for new love, since the couple’s Relationship Clause is null and void, executive producer of the show, Steve Malono, told Entertainment Weekly that it is a possibility, but not so fast. “I don’t think she’s necessarily in a rush to find another man. I don’t think she’s ruling that opportunity out, either,” he said.

On her Kveller blog, Mayim Bialik, who is an observant Jew and a distant cousin of the Israel’s poet laureate Hayim Nachman Bialik, wrote that Amy and Sheldon will still be dealing with the same issue that caused their split. But this doesn’t say whether they will deal with this issue apart or together.

She also mentioned that Penny and Leonard will carry on with their journey to Las Vegas to get married, but this leaves open the possibility that the wedding may not take place. Bialik also mentioned that the first episode of season 9 begins right where the episode in season 8 ended, and will be “very funny.”

Some TBBT fans have been arguing that the last time the show was “very funny” was back in season 3.

Concerning the flurry of speculation over the private motivations of characters in the sitcom, Bialik told the LA Times, “People want to jump to all sorts of conclusions because it’s super exciting to do so and they love these characters and they know them. But the neat thing about our show and Jim and my character’s relationship is that anything can happen, and I think the finale is proof of that.”

Mayim Bialik had her own very public split when she announced on her blog in 2012 that she was getting a divorce from Michael Stone after nine years. She preferred to keep the reasons private, but that, of course, did not stop the wild, and often unkind, speculations and intrusions. Fans and detractors alike left comments with an authoritative tone, as if they were privy to the couple’s personal issues.

Joy Behar on “The View,” and others blamed Bialik’s devotion to attachment parenting, which includes extended nursing, baby wearing and co-sleeping, and said it weakened her bond with her husband. Bialik remained steadfast in not giving in to the “I’ll speculate until you reveal” game, and said attachment parenting was not to blame. “There’s a tremendous amount of privacy that’s important for every human being,” Bialik wrote.

While Mayim Bialik protects her own privacy and that of her two sons, she often blogs on Kveller about her personal insights gained through life, work and family. She also provides a vivid glimpse into the world of Jewish observance and relays information about Jewish holidays and lifecycles. Recently, she described the ritual of sitting shiva after the passing of her father, Barry Bialik.

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