Photo Credit: Government of Florida, NMB
North Miami Beach Police shield.

A rabbi, identified as Rabbi Joseph Raskin by NBC news, was shot and killed on his way to synagogue Saturday morning, in North Miami Beach.

He was shot by 2 youths at 9am, and airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center, where he died.


The two fled, one on foot, and one on a bike.

A reader updated us that today’s murder took place two blocks away from a Miami synagogue, which was vandalized with swastikas and the word “Hamas” last week.

The area has a large Orthodox-Jewish community, and a number of synagogues.

Raksin was from Brooklyn, NY and was in Florida visiting relatives.


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  1. Please do not let history repeat itself. We do not need another Holocaust. For those who didn’t know, besides the 6 million recorded deaths of Jews, there were also 22 million recorded deaths of non-Jews. End this insanity before it gets out of control. Speak up people. Let the legislators of this nation know how you feel. Write to them now…tell them we don’t want WWIII.

  2. my condolences to his family. we recently had a school bus invaded by a group of antisemitic young men that shouted “death to Jews”and “heil Hitler “.this hate directed at Jews is not because of Israel, the hate toward Israel is because it is Jewish. do not think that just because you live in a country that has democratic law you are safe. Germany was the most democratic country in Europe before ww2.this was not a random killing. it was deliberate murder.this could not be a robbery as Jews are forbidden to carry on the sabbath

  3. When Jewish people allow non Jews to make anti-Semitic remarks and keep them as friends. Or employees they need to read this story. They need to realize that it is not a joke. I am so deeply saddened. Horrified. . Where is the outrage from the news? From the white house?

  4. God will be with you if your heart is right with Him. These times are coming folks, it aint no joke! Get educated, and be proactive. But if you are in God, you can’t be fearful, that is the opposite of faith.

  5. Obama is only a puppet, but he could have took a stand. Unfortunately, I believe he is a muslim, if so, he will only take America down. The muslims have an agenda, to control the whole world. Wake up people!

  6. I agree with you Ira, this is a hate crime and the hate is against Jews. Unfortunately, we have always known anti-semitism was not dead but this murder brings it in focus and where it can no longer be ignored. Jews are openly under attack. God protect us all.

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