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MK Oren Hazan

( The Ministerial Committee on Legislation on Sunday approved a bill by MK Oren Hazan (Likud), making it mandatory for all Jewish students in Israel to learn spoken Arabic, starting in the first grade, while Arab students will be required to learn Hebrew at the same age. “I am delighted that during the peak of a new wave of terrorism, the Ministerial Committee for Legislative Affairs, together with Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who helped, has accepted a bill of this magnitude,” said MK Hazan in response. “The proposal is the government’s message to the public regarding acts promoting coexistence and calming spirits.”

Hazan continued: “Especially these days, when terrorism prevails and coexistence is undermined, it is important to lower the flames and to create a bridge made up of language, cultural understanding and rapprochement among the citizens of the state, and there is nothing better than understanding the language to understand the culture and mentality of a million and a half Arab citizens in Israel and hundreds of millions of Arabic speakers across the Middle East.”


The young Knesset member, who has been the target of every establishment figure in Israel across the political spectrum, after he entered the Knesset, over what many saw as a checkered past (he was accused of ingesting hard drugs despite the fact that he suffers from a respiratory disease that makes such an activity deadly), said that the “approval of the law of Hebrew and Arabic study in the first grade for all students in Israel is a binding bridge. I have no doubt that when the Jewish public will understand the Arabic language as the Arab public will understand the Hebrew language, we will all see better days.”

The Ministerial Legislation Committee is composed of representatives of all the factions in the coalition, and its decisions are binding to all Knesset coalition members, so chances are this bill will become a law in short order.

And so, unexpectedly, an MK whom Defense Minister Ya’alon accused of disgracing the Likud, and the Israeli police were looking for ways to indict for managing a casino in Bulgaria before taking office — ended up suggesting a concrete solution to the yawning gap between Arabs and Jews.

At this stage of the game, many new Hazan fans in Israel argue that, so far, neither Ya’alon nor the police have come up with anything nearly as promising.



  1. Israel can only be destroyed from inside… laws like this will weaken the society.. if kid has free time HE/SHE SHOULD LEARN TORAH AND YEDISH… if he/she still has free time LEARN MORE TORAH AND YEDISH. Learning arabic ( beside intelligence communities) is as worthless as NASA opening a space school in so called palastine.

  2. There cannot be Arab citizens of Israel, because Israel is a Jewish state, so that only Jews can be citizens in Israel. Moreover, the Palestinian Arabs, including the so called Israeli Arabs, are making war against Israel, because they are killing or trying to kill the Jews, so that it is a complete absurd to give Israeli citizenship to the Palestinian Arabs. Therefore, the state of Israel must strip all the Arabs of the Israeli citizenship. This is not racism, because any person, of any race or ethnicity, can convert to Judaism.

    The state of Israel must expel the Arabs from its territory, which includes the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, because it is written in the Torah, in Bamidbar (Numbers) 33:52, that God commanded Israel to expel the other inhabitants of the Land of Canaan, which is the Land of Israel, which includes all the Palestine. The Arabs invaded the Land of Israel in the year 635 CE, so that they are invaders, and must leave Israel, and return to their own land, which is Arabia. This is not racism, because any person, of any race or ethnicity, can convert to Judaism. Moreover, the Palestinian Arabs are killing the Israeli Jews, so that the Israeli Jews need to expel the Palestinian Arabs from the Land of Israel (Palestine), as self defense, in order to save their lives.

  3. Ridiculous! They should learn Mandarin and English, not the horrible language of Arabic which will contribute nothing to our society. Only it will be useful for future spies. If Israelis will be forced to learn Arabic, Arab children should be forced to learn Hebrew in Arab schools around Israel.

  4. I live in Vegas. Whether or not Spanish speaking residents are legal, I believe that the American southwest will be predominantly Hispanic within 50 years. Speaking Spanish or being bilingual will be necessary to live in most cities. I could be wrong, but I have watched the growth of the Hispanic community during my lifetime and large segments of southern Nevada are now predominantly Hispanic where before they were white or African American. Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas all have larger Hispanic communities than they did 50 years ago. Spanish as a second language may come in handy for our children and grandchildren

  5. excellent idea to have all jews in Israel speak arabic and to have them get their bris when they are 13 years old and to have HALAL meat instead of KOSHER meat and Hazan should also volunteer for ISIS so he can understand them better too… WE need to make ISRAEL completely Jewish…we need to declare OSLO invalid like ABBAS DID recently…..and declare all of Israel JEWISH OWNED and PART OF JEWISH STATE with no chance of dividing up Israel into Palestinian (permenent forever enemy of jews) country!!! Let the palestinians who are really Jordanians and Egyptians go back to those countries and leave Israel alone. Israel must immediately take away all citizenship, all privledges of arabs in Israel and deport them all….NO ARAB country gives Jews much at all and look at how much Israel does for the palestinian terrorists who live in Israel as citizens!

  6. Look at it this way… if you are shopping in a crowded market or standing at a bus terminal and there are a few Arabs around you talking with each other, if you understand the language it would be easier to tell if they were discussing the weather or if they were going to stab you in the neck or your kidney. This can be a positive thing. The more you know of your enemy the less he can hide from you.

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