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Palestinian Authority Arab demonstrates his resistance to Jews.

What do you do when you are driving on an Israeli road and a rock hits your car?

It has become a common event. Rock-throwing began in the first intifada in the late 1980s throughout Gaza, Judea and Samaria.


Israel now is becoming energy self-sufficient. It always has been and always will be rock self-sufficient, especially in Judea and Samaria, where Arabs have plenty of free ammunition.

Rock-throwing periodically returns to popularity, and it has become one of the favorite pastimes of Arab youth who have been educated for a generation by the Palestinian Authority to hate Jews, Israel and Zionism.

The most popular highways for terrorists to pledge their allegiance to the “resistance” and throw rocks and firebombs are on the well-traveled roads connecting Kfar Saba to central Samaria and northern Samaria with the southern Hebron Hills via, Ofra, Beit El, Gush Etzion, Hebron-Kiryat-Arba and Susiya to the south.

I have been stoned, pardon the expression, several times. Thank God, no one has been injured, even when a rock once crashed the side window of our two-week-old car, leaving a young woman, who was to be married two weeks later, with glass all over her.

Here are a few pointers for novices from my own personal experience, but first of all, no one should stop driving on the highways because of the fear of being attacked. That simply is surrendering to the enemy.

The aim of the rock-throwing terrorists is multi-fold:

— Kill the driver or passenger with a direct hit or cause the drive to lose control of his vehicle and kill everyone in the car;

–Scare the Jews off the roads and then scare them into the sea.

Here are several tips for drivers. They will not guarantee that you won’t be hit or hurt, but they might lessen the chance.

Try to stay between two vehicles with Palestinian Authority license plates. When there is one in front of you and one in back of you, your car is a more difficult target for rock-throwers to identify and hit.

Of course, keep your doors locked and windows up in case they decide to carjack you, or open your door and attack you while you’re stopped at a light or when the car in front blocks you. However, be careful you don;t get trapped between two Palestinian Authority “resistance” drivers who suddenly realize they can trap you.

Keep an eye out for rocks on the road. That is a sure sign that the terrorists are waiting for you.

Drive like a jerk.

When I pass through hot spots like Beit Omar, south of Kiryat Arba, I suddenly speed, then I slow down, and then I speed again. It confuses the rock-thrower who gauges the speed of the car.

Furthermore, it usually is an Arab and not a Jew who drives like an idiot, so the rock-thrower probably will figure you are one of them.

It is true that is harder to hit a fast-moving target, but if a rock hits a car that is speeding, the impact could be lethal. However, if there are no Arab cars behind and in front of you, speeding is the best option. By speeding, I mean like a race-car driver.

What do you do if you get hit by a rock?

The first, last and only thing to do is to start exercising your right foot. Firmly place it on the gas pedal and press it through the floor. It helps the blood circulation in the foot and also gets you out of Dodge as fast as possible.

What happens if you are met with a barricade of rocks?

That happened to me in the first Intifada in Hebron. You can be an idiot and get out of your car and tear apart the barricade, making you a sitting duck for a sniper or setting yourself up to be blown up when you touch an explosive device.

Simply stay in your car, hit the gas pedal and drive through or around the barricade. If your tires get punctured, just keep driving. The government will pay the bill.

Others recommend, a very sharp and fast reserve out of there.


Do NOT shoot. That is not a typo. Do NOT shoot, unless you want to go to jail

Shooting at a rock-throwing terrorist is a disproportionate response that is going to get you a lot of bad publicity in the United Nations as well as a prison term, unless you can prove that your life was on the line. That is pretty hard to do after the rock has been thrown and all you have to do to get out of danger is to speed away. Don’t play Lone Ranger because Tonto is not around to help you.

There are rare instances when a gun can save your life, but there have been too many instances of cowboys pulling the trigger before putting the brain in gear.

One example: Several years, ago, one young man approached a checkpoint and heard a shot. He pulled out his gun and was promptly shot by alert guards. The man is lucky to be alive today.

Don’t be afraid. Consider driving in Judea and Samaria as an experience.

And don’t forget to say the traveler’s prayer before driving,. It is not insurance, but it can’t hurt.

Happy motoring.



  1. You must shoot Remember you will be saving another persons life. You will prevent the next car from being targeted. Soldiers and police face criticism because they are deemed to be trained to deal with criminals. You are a civilian defending yourself. Don’t waste time with a warning shot. Practice and train well. Then defend yourself and your family and your neighbors. There will be much less criticism when citizens defend themselves. You and your family are in danger as you may try to sped away and then get hit with a rock. Remember they may run but they can’t outrun a good bullet.

  2. Posted by an Israeli citizen!

    Its a very nice gesture and I salute you on your initiative and this petition.
    But I’m sorry to disappoint you it’s a waste of time. We (Israel) have tried all our lives being diplomatic with them (the Palestinians), giving them concessions after concessions, giving them lands from our already tiny country – for a chance of peace! for a chance that they would, as we did in ’48, build a country!
    They don’t want a country! They don’t want peace! They don’t want only Jerusalem – They want Haifa and Tel-Aviv as well! And the most inconceivable part is they want all Jews (not only Israelis) dead!
    The only language they understand is violence. It is time we spoke their ‘language’ and the same way there is fear now in Israeli streets – we must strike fear into Palestinian streets!
    Make them think twice before they pick a knife and head out to Israel:
    A. Every terrorist caught in Israel will be shot (not arrested) and buried with pig parts. (according to their faith he is no longer a martyr and won’t get his 72 virgins in the after life)
    B. Israel will demolish the terrorist home to the ground. (no warnings this time! The terrorist must know that he is condemning death to his family and neighbors).
    I guarantee that after 1…maybe 2 terrorists – they will stop! they will beg for peace (we will give them peace, we don’t wish to kill or hate)
    The world will be shocked, but it will blow over.
    The world came to what it is now after so many wars, revolutions, genocides, assassinations, explorations and negotiations…this would be just another paragraph in the history of the world.

  3. Who ever advises you not to shoot is a fool! If you feel threatened shoot first and ask questions later. You may not have a second chance. A New Jersey politician once said on this subject,''It's better to be judged by twelve than carried by six''. Wise advice!

  4. The author is naive. Rock-throwing has taken innocent Jewish lives. Rock-throwing can easily kill any infant or child. One must always carry a gun to protect himself and his family always. And OFCOURSE ONE MUST SHOOT to KILL the Palestinian enemies throwing rocks and threatening life even if later one is jailed due to the perverse, outmoded & outdated Israeli laws. It's a much better course than to be lynched by these wicked people. The laws should be immediately amended by this Knesset, firstly, to allow carrying of guns by all Israelis; secondly, to issue licenses to carry guns; and thirdly, shooting to KILL the Palestinian perpetrators of the crime of rock-throwing on innocent Israeli drivers passing-by in their vehicles whenever they feel their lives are in danger.

  5. A lot of the commenters here that are advocating shooting while driving because your car is getting stoned by Arabs have obviously never been in the situation. A gun is the last resort, why? It is only going to be accurate if you stop the car because shooting from a moving vehicle is even harder than shooting at a moving target. Voluntarily stopping your own vehicle is the very last thing that you want to do, as the situation that you will then be in can be of much greater danger than you had initially perceived. The best thing one can do while being stoned is to get the hell out of there and concentrate on the road while you evade the stones as you drive. Another reason why going for your gun is a waste of time is that if it an army issue automatic rifle it is most likely to be a full size M16, less likely an Uzi,and there is no room for manouever to raise your weapon from it's place alongside you or from the front passenger seatwell while driving your car. If it's a handgun it is similarily difficult to access as the preferred holster position above your back pocket is just as hard to reach for and only those with a shoulder holster have a chance. So, best just put your foot down and call it inon your phone once your out of the danger area!
    One of the best things that you can do is have your car headlights rewired so that at the flick of a switch you can kill your drivers side headlight. This helps with night time driving by not giving away the width and position of your car and then just drive further out into the road. Also Arabs are less likely to throw stones at a vehicle with one headlight as they may think it to be another Arab car. Many Arabs drive older cars with only one light on!

  6. If someone is trying to kill you, the consensus of the comments here is, shoot to kill. While I agree with leaving if you can, who is to say that there is not another group right up the road? Who is to say that if you get away, the next driver will be so lucky?

    A few pieces of lead, slung fast in you direction, generally gets your attention, and makes you think twice about what you are doing.

  7. ★★★ The L A W S should be immediately amended by this Knesset. There can be nothing more legal & justified than the Israeli Knesset accepting these simple common-sense proposals. FIRSTLY: to allow carrying of guns by all JEWISH Israelis having licenses; SECONDLY: to issue licenses for carrying of guns by all JEWISH Israelis; and THIRDLY: permission for shooting to KILL the Palestinian perpetrators of the crime of rock-throwing on innocent Israeli drivers passing-by in their vehicles whenever they feel their very lives are in danger.

    ★★★ It was so unfortunate for Israel for not accepting such proposals even in 2002 during the intifada which murdered hundreds of Israeli civilians and city buses were being blow up. It was also so unfortunate that the bus drivers were not given bonuses and sufficiently armed to protect themselves and the passengers.

    Why should our nation go so vulnerably defense-less always and offer its citizens as sitting ducks to its sworn enemies! Meantime, let the politicians move around without security just like ordinary citizens. The Knesset fails us. Unprecedented circumstances require unprecedented measures. Note that other country is facing comparable dangers like Israeli citizens do.

    ★★★ Its strange that just nobody thinks of these miserable shortcomings…

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