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U.S. President Barack Obama

Hey, didja hear the one about the politician’s wealthy wife who put her keyboard in her mouth and had to have it yanked out real fast?



Well, a whole bunch of others apparently have.

Israel Interior Minister Silvan Shalom found himself scrambling on Monday to clean up after a horrific diplomatic gaffe by his wife, heiress to the mammoth Hebrew-language newspaper Yediot Aharanot, via Twitter.

Judy Nir-Mozes Shalom, had the social media crowd all a-Twitter on Sunday after tweeting a stupid racist joke that she posted in very poor taste.

“Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and weak,” she wrote.

The fallout was swift and merciless, with accusations that Shalom’s wife was “racist” and had caused “grievous damage” to Israel’s foreign relations. Which although it likely did, it probably just added to the poor foreign relations the state already has with Obama.

An apology tweeted by Shalom – who shrugged off the faux pas by calling the post “a stupid joke somebody told me” did little to clear the air. Nothing, even.

This behavior between the two governments is not new. Nasty slurs have been slung at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu by staff in the Obama administration as well.

But it does no good and causes a great deal of harm when an Israeli government official – or a close family member of that individual – lowers him or herself to firing demeaning pettiness at others.

This is stupidity Israel can ill afford at any time, and certainly not right now, with U.S. presidential elections just over the horizon. Ultimately, what goes around, comes around.


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Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.


  1. That's OK…In America, we do it all the least 57% of Americans don't like him either. There is a picture of The Three Stooges in golf clothes…and a picture of Obama with them in golf clothes. Labeled The Three Stooges and a fourth.

  2. Looks like jokes are next on their list to stop,people make jokes all day long of Christians, polish etc. I don’t hear complaining from them as racist. It seems we the people are not allowed to voice anything, one more control that America is applying to its people.

  3. LOL – not all that different than the black activist pages that are posting the Ain’t Jemima images of Rachel Dolezal, there are many of African ancestry who agree with the comment about Obama’s Coffee that correlate to his actions and worldviews …. just saying

  4. What an absurd exaggeration. This mild joke wasn't "racist". The response to it is completely overblown. Those who want an excuse to hate and punish Israel are using it to justify their own bias and prejudice. They should just be honest.

    And by the way–Israel does not receive from America nearly as much as America receives from Israel. So let's quit with the charade that Israel is expected to grovel and kiss ass.

  5. Scott Laux Actually, unlike this President, I fully meet the original requirement for a Natural Born US Citizen according to Vattel's Law of Nations (both parents citizens, born on the soil). I'm a US Army veteran living in the United States, where the 1st Amendment gives me the right to say anything I please about this or any other president.

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